Minimalist home decoration trend

Minimalism (Minimalism) in the interior is currently favored by the sophistication and simplicity in the space it brings. Minimalist interior style means using simple lines, minimizing furniture, few details, even every detail has a certain meaning to create the most harmonious and airy space.

With this style, the furniture will be as streamlined as possible, eliminating unnecessary things, so the functional objects are also minimized, instead of furniture. Smart, simple, integrates many functions in one product.


To ensure the elements of this style, homeowners need to comply with the requirements for color, lighting and furniture in the living space.

Limited number of colors

Minimalist home trends need to pay attention to the use and selection of colors. A space should not use more than 4 colors, the most reasonable is 3 colors: a main color, a background color and an accent color.

In particular, neutral colors are often used on the walls to create a cushion for the interior furniture. The gentle colors combined with the minimalism of the lines will make the minimalist style space elegant and flexible.

Minimalist furniture and decorations

Furniture such as tables and chairs, wardrobes, TV shelves, etc. are always limited to the maximum extent. Most of the Minimalist style furniture has a simple, harmonious and very modern shape to minimize the house. All interior lines are simplified but still extremely delicate, making the space impressive. Interior colors should be chosen in contrast to the wall color or simply plain white. The appropriate spatial arrangement of furniture in the most beautiful room is about 20%.


Lighting effects/layout

Color is an extremely important element in the minimalist style to create visual and aesthetic effects. To create the best lighting and aesthetic effect, homeowners can take advantage of natural light by using screens, curtains, through the trees outside on purpose. Besides, the light from the lighting equipment also contributes to creating a minimalist but classy space, gentle but no less luxurious. Ceiling downlights gradually replaced the chandeliers that are a bit cumbersome and take up space. spotlight Popular for use in creating deep and dramatic color palettes. Regardless of the type of lamp you choose, homeowners need to follow the principle of the color of the lights to harmonize with the overall house.

in the spotlight simon

Emphasizing the minimalist style in each design, Simon has launched many interior lighting products with delicate and gentle beauty, bringing to the living space luxury and elegance. In there, Spotlight FM60 is considered as one of Simon's design breakthroughs, bringing many emotions to users with masterpieces of light art. The entire shell of the lamp is made of aluminum with a luxurious gray color, delicately decorated with a silver-plated circle. The light source part of the lamp is placed deep in the shell, helping you feel a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere when looking at the light effect of the lamp instead of looking directly at the light source. The light from FM60 transports us to a cozy space where the beauty of details is captured clearly and realistically thanks to the ultra-narrow projection angle, from only 12 degrees to 30 degrees, and the color rendering index CRI> 95.

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