New Year's Party 2024: Clear goals - Ready to make a breakthrough

The New Year's Eve party is a traditional event held every year and is always anticipated at Simon Vietnam. This is a special event, marking many memorable memories for the entire Simon Vietnam family throughout the Offices and Factories.

"Defining the right goal is half the journey achieved."

Topic “Clear Goals – Ready to Breakthrough” not just an aspiration but a commitment. A clear goal is like a compass that helps us determine the path we want to develop. We work towards the same goal, focusing our energy and efforts on the prosperity of Simon Vietnam.


And Simon Vietnam's message this year is: Choose the right goals, understand clearly the actions Achieving goals and being determined to achieve them will create clear results and be a source of encouragement for us to see our development journey.

General Director Tran Thanh Hai gave a general overview of the goals and plans for 2024.

The New Year 2024 has many new, unique and creative features

In each area, employees had fun and engaging cultural activities, games, and bright smiles to celebrate a successful 2024.

In the Hanoi area and the Factory, this is also the first time the Office and Simon Vietnam Factory sectors have met, interacted in an impressive way, supported and accompanied each other in a meaningful event. In the morning, the solidarity of the teams was demonstrated enthusiastically and interestingly through teamwork activities “Setting Goals and Plans for 2024” at Simon Vietnam Factory with the participation of 12 teams. The teams presented creative plans in their department's style. The purpose of the activity is to help each employee clearly understand the general duties of the department. From there, you can see your role and position in that overall picture.

Teamwork activity "Setting Goals and Plans for 2024" of departments.

In the afternoon, the New Year party took place at Ecogarden Restaurant to warm up the atmosphere with unique musical performances and interesting games. Performances from team leader Hanoi and the Factory brought refreshing laughter.

Cultural performances and games brought a lot of laughter at the party.

tan-nien-2024-simon-viet-nam tan-nien-2024-simon-viet-namThank you for the enthusiastic participation and positive contributions of all employees. Let's break through together, conquer our goals and create meaningful successes in the new year - a 2024 full of promise and prosperity for the Simon Vietnam family!