Contest "Tet is Family" on the occasion of the new year 2024

With the message that everyone needs to have a balance between work and personal life. Simon Vietnam always wants each employee to maintain a fulfilling personal life and spiritual life, and family is a part of that.

When we say the word "family", different images appear to each of us, but we all have one thing in common: the place where we feel like we belong. Family can be where there are parents, grandparents, siblings. At work, family can also be colleagues we meet every day. Family can also be a group of close friends with similar interests and habits... It can be seen that we all need "family" - a place that supports us mentally, is a source of encouragement, always loves and supports us. on the path of personal development, career, and great goals. It can be said that each of us is part of a family, it is the family that creates the characteristics of each person.

On the occasion of the upcoming New Year 2024, Simon Vietnam organized a contest with the theme "Tet is family" with a message aimed at family and the completeness of love. 



  • Internal Online Contest time: January 25, 2024 - February 7, 2024


  • All employees/Department of Simon Vietnam Company at 4 Simon Vietnam Offices and Factory (including warehouse parts)


Step 1: Upload your work

Individuals/Departments create their own works in the form of articles (images/videos) in your/your department's own way to convey messages according to the topic TET IS... FAMILY - tells about memorable memories, wishes, wishes and celebrates the new year 2024.

Contest content: 

Suggested some related content: Tet memories with "family", the most memorable things, how you grew up, what "family" helped you overcome, emotions when remembering …


  • Individuals/departments send their works to the Organizing Committee via email:
  • The BTC will review the valid exam and upload the entries of the employees Fanpage "Simon Vietnam Company" immediately upon receipt of entries. For works submitted later, BTC will post later.

Note: Time to receive works: from date 25/01/2024 - end day 04/02/2024

Step 2: Call to interact

  • The time to call for interaction (like/heart) is immediately after the work is posted on the Page

Note: At 12:00 February 5, 2024 The organizers will synthesize interactions and calculate scores for the exams.

Step 3: Like / drop heart / share the post

Employees like / drop hearts / share (share) BTC's post to public mode, click follow (follow) Fanpage "Simon Vietnam Company".


  • 01 "Happy Family" Prize: 1,000,000 VND + 1 Product Combo (including: 1 Study Lamp, 1 Handheld Flashlight)
  • 01 "Prosperous Family" Prize: 700,000 VND + 1 Product Combo (including: 1 Study lamp, 1 handheld flashlight)
  • 02 "Healthy Family" Prizes: 500,000 VND + 1 Product Combo (including: 1 Study lamp, 1 handheld flashlight)
  • 05 "Family Well-Being" Prizes: 200,000 VND + 1 Product Combo (including: 1 Study lamp, 1 handheld flashlight)


Total score = 60% interactive votes + 40% points scored by judges.

In there:

  • Voting interaction score is calculated by the total number of likes/hearts (favorites) on each entry.
  • Points rules: (1 like = 1 point, 1 Tym/ remaining emotions = 2 points, 1 Share = 3 points)
  • The judges are representatives of the Trade Union and the Human Resources Department based on the following criteria: Convey emotions, meaning, creativity...
  • Results announcement time: on the day 07/02/2024 


  • Each individual/department can only submit 01 entry
  • The organizers have the right to cancel the exam results if any form of cheating such as hacking likes or using non-transparent means to increase votes is detected.

For photo submissions:

  • Encourage photos to be in JPG format and clear
  • Images show the content conveyed, creative.

With video clip entries:

  • Video entries must be at least 60 seconds and maximum 3 minutes; Size <25MB
  • Images and sounds are clear, minimizing shaking, blurry images, and unclear content.