Influence of wabi sabi style in living space design

Unlike modern architecture, Wabi Sabi . style in the design of the resurrected space is rooted in Buddhist philosophy. It is not just about following conventional standards but also enhancing the quality of life through intentional design, a focus on simplicity, authenticity, and naturalness. Let's discover what this Wabi Sabi design style really is that makes so many families love it.

What is Wabi Sabi style in living space design?

Wabi Sabi originated from the Zen method of Buddhism and developed into the concept of aesthetics and architecture in Japan. After many development processes, this school of furniture has been loved and applied more.

In Japanese, the phrase Wabi Sabi can be understood as the search for imperfect beauty. It is a combination of the need for simplicity, modesty in material and the beauty of objects after a long time of honing.

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From the original meaning of the phrase that can be understood conceptually in the architecture of the Wabi Sabi style. It's about focusing on clean, natural elements, with wooden and natural accents. Especially, the architecture will create charm and nostalgia, thereby giving homeowners a feeling of peace and tranquility.

Features of Wabi Sabi design style in living space design

Natural materials

Durability is the first thing that Wabi Sabi style prioritizes. Therefore, household objects often have materials such as wood, leather, wool, etc. to help the room harmonize with nature and also increase the service life, creating a nostalgic highlight for the room. In particular, old pieces of furniture that have been slightly worn out have a prominent place in this style, with a timeless, timeless look – a core principle of Wabi Sabi interior design. .

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The texture of objects is rudimentary and simple

In the Wabi Sabi style, the use of natural and raw wood materials is inspired by the philosophy of simplicity and modesty. No need to opt for glossy finishes, any discerning person will spot signs of deliberate roughness and even “imperfections” throughout the home. From the rough surface of the shelves, the inconsistency of the wood grain on the cabinets to the natural swirls in the concrete floor, here are conscious design choices to accentuate the simple yet refined beauty. economy of the house interior.

Warm colors

In the spirit of creating a calm and soothing space, the Wabi Sabi design style chooses a muted palette of warm, neutral tones. Natural light will be used to enhance the sophistication of the lines of the products.

Therefore, the light of the lamp is very important for the interior design. The art of reasonable placement will create a contrast or a harmonious unity, creating a highlight for the space.

Close to nature

Wabi Sabi style prioritizes closeness and harmony with nature. So when choosing this style, you can completely decorate more trees, take advantage of the balcony to create accents for your living space. No need to be too fussy, Wabi Sabi style will really bring a sense of peace and serenity in your mind.

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Exquisite combination of light and shadow

The influences of Wabi Sabi style permeate the living space to create an inner refuge where the homeowner can return home to rest, relax and enjoy the slow pace of life after the busyness of life. living.

Light is the emotion of space, so lamps will also be carefully selected to enhance the aesthetics of the room. When choosing, homeowners should refer to lamp models with appropriate colors and light indicators, compatible with the design. Delicately arranged LED downlights and ceiling lights will ensure that the entire space retains its full style.

Wabi Sabi style application in living space

Living room

As a place for living together, creating a living space for the family, Wabi Sabi style will be most evident here. Most of the designs will mainly use earth tones, close to nature. The beauty of the room will bring the depth of time, giving the homeowner a feeling of warmth and peace.

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Homeowners who love Wabi Sabi style often take great care of their own resting space. For balance, the style favors minimalism and elegant decor. The lighting system is also carefully calculated to bring the most comfort to the users. Usually the lamps used will have a low color factor, yellow light like the track lights, arranged in a reasonable quantity and distance.

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The kitchen is the heart of the home, Wabi Sabi style gives housewives inspiration for cooking. Furniture used will enhance functionality, arrange furniture orderly and neatly. When owning a kitchen in this design direction, you will surely have a peaceful and warm meal with your family.

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Image: Simon i7 switches and sockets applied in Wabi Sabi kitchen design style

In short, to get the house according to Wabi Sabi . style Right, you need to pay attention to the basic principles of decoration. Especially about the lighting elements to enhance the beauty of the space, you can connect with Simon for advice!

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