Hygge Happiness Recipe for Your Home

Gentle and soothing are the shortest words to describe the concept of Hygge. If you want to enjoy life with simple happiness, then learn the Swedish formula right away through the article below.

Concept of Hygge

From hygge of ancient Norwegian origin meaning "well-being". After Norway separated from the Kingdom of Denmark, hygge officially entered the Danish language system with the meaning “comfortable, cozy and cheerful.”

In addition, some other documents suggest that hygge is related to the word hug. The word's predecessor may have been the Old Norse word hygga, which refers to comforting and soothing.

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The essence of this concept is the pursuit of simple, gentle happiness like a hug from a warm feeling even without touching the body.

Create space with Hygge style

Warm like a hug

Hugging is a medicine that heals the soul, soothes wounds, and gives people strength to overcome difficulties. Hygge style carefully chooses colors and materials to create a complete connection for warmth. 

The colors favored by the Swedes often have neutral, gentle tones such as white, gray, gray, brown, etc. The harmony and uniformity of colors in each item and light makes our soul feel at peace even though It's cold outside. This color tone can soothe and heal wounds, rearrange the debris within us.

To create a harmonious common space, materials such as wool, felt or wood are carefully selected to create a feeling of peace and comfort.

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Besides, the layer of light created like moonlight covering the room is also often popular in decoration. Therefore, candlelight and yellow light are commonly used in Hygge style. A gentle and gentle evening filled with melodious music and a warm shimmering space is always a happiness that is hard to refuse.

Connect with nature

Hygge is peace, a gentle yet profound vibe even without touching. Therefore, a space that receives a lot of natural air, sunlight and wind is extremely necessary for the Hygge style. 

A wide window, lovely potted plants, and the scent of fresh flowers harmonizing with each other increase communication with heaven and earth, opening up positive energy frequencies for people.

Enjoy soothing pleasure

What do you usually do when you're in an unstable mood, when you feel confused and lost? Hygge prioritizes the comfort that comes from connecting with family. Cooking a delicious meal together, playing a favorite game or whispering everyday stories is healing. 

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The space of Hygge style creates moments in every room, every small corner. Choose delicate touches on the material of the dining table, the door or even a cute little socket switch.

Complete is just enough

Although the feeling of warmth comes from the word "enough", Hygge also comes with Lagom style. Perhaps that is why completeness comes from "lessening" a little, not necessarily "adding" a lot. 

The lives of Swedes are pleasant, comfortable and peaceful because they always know the right breaks and stops. The space can be simple but still filled with love. The arrangement of furniture also needs to be delicate so that even though it is small, it does not cause a feeling of lack or emptiness.

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