Understand to transform

For Vietnamese people, home is not only a place to reside but also a space that creates connection and sympathy between family members, between the inner self and nature. Perhaps for that reason, people are constantly looking for ways to understand the home in harmony with each member's identity and connect with deep family values. The article below will help you somewhat.

Determine the style of the space

The first step to transforming your home is to determine what its style is. Before completing the common space, homeowners will always have ideas to beautify and decorate to suit their aesthetic taste. Whether it is classic, modern, minimalist, Indochine,... these styles need to be compatible and harmonious with people and architectural layout.

Changing a house that has been around for generations with time-honored pieces will be difficult but not impossible. It needs to go through the steps of naming, identifying and transforming. You can rely on universal characteristics to identify it.

Classic style

Classic always comes with feelings of sophistication, meticulousness, and luxury. The highlight of this style is the soft, curvy and delicate stylized patterns. This is also the aesthetic and decorative taste that is favored and loved by middle-aged homeowners who are deeply nostalgic and nostalgic.

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The colors of classic spaces are often warm and suggestive of the beauty of time. To enhance this entire style, from design to furniture and accessories, all are unified in expression. From there, both homeowners and visitors will feel the nobility, luxury, and majesty of the space. 

Modern style

When it comes to modern style, it will be difficult to point out a single, perfect general concept. The definition for this direction of decoration and space arrangement is the free organization, asymmetrical shapes, aiming at comfort and functionality.

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Modern style allows homeowners to assert their unique personality and characteristics. Spaces often have elegant and pleasant tones. The design of the space is sophisticated and simple but still needs a highlight.

Retro futurism style

Retro futurism: "nostalgic fantasy" that brings together the breath of the past and the future. It is an art trend that combines modern technology with nostalgic and sublime elements. The parallel existence of two modes of time is like a thread connecting everything in space closer together.

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Creating a room with a retro futurism feel will be a bit more sophisticated and meticulous. However, the beauty and inspiration this style brings will always make the homeowner and guests filled with romance and dreaminess. The old and new lines and boundaries are erased, highlighting the uniqueness and attraction of the space.

The above division of house styles is only preliminary. In fact, there are many different types of decorations and variations in the interior, so homeowners can have a specific view on what they want to build for the house to satisfy the emotions and spirit of the family. .

Elements of space that need attention

After seeing the style you want to pursue, the homeowner will need to pay attention to a number of factors to satisfy the unity of the space. 

Main color tone

Color is the most basic factor when choosing a style for a space. Seasonal and annual trends and visual guides will clearly and precisely define the overall layout.

Warm color tones like red, orange, yellow,... create energy for the homeowner. When it is combined with objects of contrasting colors, it will create an interesting, eye-catching composition.

Gentle, elegant white and gray color tones are popular with young people because they create a luxurious feeling without being boring. The openness and mystery of these cool colors create something new and impressive.

In addition, youthful pastel tones are also a trend for many families recently. Homeowners with this color style are often sweet, gentle and full of dreams.

The light

Light is not only for seeing but also for feeling. Light layers, beams, and rays with different offsets and different lighting scenarios revive many human senses. Perhaps that is why understanding your home in this aspect is especially important. You need to understand each window corner, each space of the home to adjust and vary natural and artificial light in harmony. 

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Electrical accessories

Socket switches and small light bulbs all contribute an important part to the overall space of the house. A delicate highlight combined with skillful installation art will surprise the homeowner with its creativity and uniqueness.

Simon connects and transforms spaces

Understanding space and art, Simon's products are not only functional but also enhance emotions and create inspiration for users. We start from quality with professional R&D stages, creating socket switches that are aesthetically sophisticated and safe to use. 

The special thing that Simon brings makes every little corner of the house, every moment with your loved ones, valuable. Looking for nostalgic nostalgia, you can choose V8 Simon or if you want to brighten up the space, the modernity of i7, S6 is a product line worth prioritizing. And if you love living between the two flows of time, past - future, the harmony of classic - modern style, then Simon S5, Simon S20 definitely will not disappoint you. Enchanting, captivating, each touch point of the product is endless emotional and artistic connections.

Simon's lighting always creates passion and originality with the ability to intelligently set up according to the scenario. The lights can be turned on and off via the app, with convenient voice commands, meeting the modern lifestyle of the upper class.

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Image: Simon Spotlight – The perfect lighting highlight for the space

Considering light as the intersection of function and emotional rhythm, Simon is by your side, accompanying you in building a memorable space.

Home, whether in decoration or in perception, each person needs to understand and cultivate. Always take time to care for your house and home.

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