High-end electrical equipment protection solutions

Home is a place to protect and comfort each person, and a place to connect and ignite sacred emotions. Therefore, the house needs to be protected not only from the exterior paint but even from small electrical appliances. Discover the most effective solutions with Simon.

Problems of high-end electrical equipment

High-end electrical equipment not only meets the functional requirements but also ensures art and aesthetics. To ensure general beauty and safety, homeowners need to pay attention to the following issues:

Electrical equipment needs to ensure aesthetics over time

Beauty has many standards and for socket switches, it is ensuring the color and feel over time. It means that the on and off touch points need to be transferred smoothly, carrying the "breath" of inspiration, transmitting light and emotions.

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Equally important factor is the color of the device. The phenomenon of discolored and aging socket switches affects the aesthetic space. With high-end apartments, the furniture is carefully selected and uniform in tone, so the socket switch really needs to ensure the same color as the original.

Electrical equipment needs to be protected from environmental influences

Sun, rain, wind and a series of environmental impacts will affect the quality and shelf life of electrical equipment. Especially for locations outside the porch, garden or humid places such as bathrooms and WCs, they will be more susceptible to damage and failure.

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Protection is no longer just on the outer surface of the outlet switch. Homeowners not only have to pay attention to the paint layer but also pay attention to whether those impacts will affect the internal components. With just a little carelessness, electrical-related incidents and dangers can occur.

Electrical safety protection for children

Children are often curious about the world around them. Therefore, it is difficult to avoid situations where they stick their hands or use sharp objects into the socket. This can lead to dangerous consequences such as causing a fire or explosion, deforming the socket or, more seriously, causing an electric shock to the child.

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Therefore, when arranging socket switches for families with small children, right from the design drawing, there are notes and reasonable sizes for installation height. Besides, modern manufacturers have also made many changes in their products to bring safety to consumers.

High-end electrical equipment protection solutions

There is no perfect solution to all electrical equipment problems. However, with technology and modern research and development, Simon has strived to create socket switch products that ensure aesthetics, quality, and improve safety for users.

Simon's high-quality socket switches are made from fire-resistant and UV-resistant PC plastic, reducing discoloration and aging after long periods of use. With strict testing procedures, the surface of electrical equipment from the Spanish brand is still glossy and free of old scratches. 

The safety of socket switches is enhanced by going deeper into the structure and internal structure of the product. The sockets will have safety covers, enhancing protection for children. Electrically conductive sockets will only conduct electricity when the plug pins are evenly distributed in both sockets, limiting electrical conductivity in case of negligence.

For electrical equipment installed in locations easily affected by the environment, an additional layer of "protective armor" is needed. Join Simon to explore these two product lines:

Simon waterproof box

We provide solutions waterproof box Protect socket switches in many different shapes. This means improving compatibility for a variety of product lines.

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Simon has waterproof surfaces made from high-quality PC plastic, which is fire and water resistant and prevents dust intrusion, enhancing protection for electrical equipment. Customers can choose a transparent or opaque plastic exterior to suit the aesthetics of the house.

Simon aptomat cabinet

Considered the heart of the house, the aptomat is an electrical device that is rarely used but is extremely important. And for that reason, it is always protected by a specialized cabinet box. 

Simon provides the SMX65CS wall-mounted circuit breaker line made from self-extinguishing PC material, capable of self-extinguishing after exiting the fire source. Thanks to that, the product helps minimize risks caused by electrical fires. The aptomat cabinet is designed with a high-strength hinge connecting the box and the lid to help the door close tightly, ensuring safety in the area where electricity is used while minimizing the intrusion of steam and dust during the process. usage process.

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In addition, customers can choose the SET65CS wall-mounted aptomat cabinet line made from 1mm thick rolled steel sheet, the surface is treated with electrostatic spraying, high gloss, durable for up to 20 years. The cabinet surface uses frosted glass, gracefully stylized, giving the space a unique and interesting style. 

>> See details of Simon aptomat cabinet products HERE.

To help the house space stay beautiful over time, maintain style and safety, protective equipment is extremely important. Simon not only brings products and solutions with good quality but also contributes to shaping a classy, luxurious lifestyle for you.