What Makes Simon Lighting Different?

Light helps balance the working and living environment for people. Besides, light creates a highlight for the space, revives art and captures creative emotions. Simon, with his efforts, has launched a line of high-end lighting products, bringing a different and interesting experience.

Simon lights have exquisite design

The customer's first impression when looking at Simon lighting is its attractive appearance. spotlight Simon has a shell made of powder-coated aluminum with high durability, a lamp body of many sizes combined with a variety of edges. In addition, multi-angle lamps are suitable for installation and replacement requirements. In addition, high-end downlight lines are also popular with their sophisticated, luxurious designs suitable for many spaces.

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Thanks to the flexibility and diversity of colors and materials, Simon lighting creates a unique mark for homeowners who love difference. Every detail of the product reaches a level of sophistication and sophistication, focusing on aesthetics and meticulousness, whether it's just screws or light edges.

Versatile applications of Simon lighting

Simon has spotlight and downlight lines to meet a variety of lighting needs. Each type of lamp serves a different lighting purpose, brightening the space according to the emotions and creative inspiration of the homeowner and investor.

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Downlights can be surface mounted or recessed. The downlight diffuses gently, radiating a pleasant light into the space. Besides, the advantage of concentrated lighting makes this line of Simon lights chosen by many hotels, restaurants, and resorts. Simon downlights inspire and connect artistic stories. Each aisle, wall or table and object will also stand out with the addition of a little "spice" of light.

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The Simon spotlight creates a new and poetic emotional beat for those who see it or are immersed in its light. Focusing on a narrow beam, spotlight as the name suggests, highlights special areas and objects. Thanks to that, the museum space and art display area are brought to life with emotions and bring profound "dialogue" to visitors. Even for homeowners who are luxury "players" who choose uniqueness and want to enhance the space, spotlight lights are also used to create unique and attractive beauty.

Simon's light creates a special attraction

The difference between high-end lighting products does not simply lie in function or design. From color rendering index, light layer and light parameters also create different experiences compared to the popular lamp product line.

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Simon lights maintain true colors, without flickering, blurring or flashing lights. At the same time, automation elements are also flexibly integrated. The smart light system can control time and adjust brightness. Light is friendly and safe for humans, creating an enchanting living and entertainment environment.

Luxurious combination in Simon lighting

If we simply considered light as its physical use, perhaps not so much inspiration would have been created. Simon doesn't consider his products to be purely for brightening purposes. We put emotions, care and enthusiasm into the lights as our declaration: “At Simon, space is at the heart of every living experience, and being able to fill it with different tones and intensities is fundamental to not only living, but also immersing yourself in the space. Fill the space with light, create a wonderful atmosphere and enjoy the little things.”

LED den simon 1With more than 100 years of history, Simon has devoted his entire love to researching and developing high-end electrical equipment and lighting products. Each product delivered to customers undergoes quality tests to meet the standards of serving upscale customers.

For any questions that need to be answered related to the Simon lighting brand and products, customers can contact via fanpage: Simon – Vietnam or Hotline: 0968 111 900.

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