How to Choose a Standard Simon Socket Switch for Your Space

Time and space are the factors that create a beautiful and aesthetic product. To make a room or house soulful, small accessories such as socket switches need to be carefully chosen. Simon brings luxurious and sophisticated interior solutions. Let's explore how to choose these product lines to be trendy and stylish.

Simon socket switch – inspiration for Vietnamese space

Simon socket switch is a product line from Spain. With more than 100 years of history in manufacturing electrical and lighting equipment, Simon has brought emotional experiences to users. 

In Vietnam, the brand's product line has gained a foothold in the market as it carries European standards. Choosing each switch not only requires durability and eye-catching design, but also needs to capture the aesthetic standards and sophistication of the product. 

Current Simon socket switch lines on the domestic market include K1, K3, S6, E6, i7, V8,... Each line is a different story, a different spirit that Simon passionately believes in. believe in and desire to create a high-class living space for Vietnamese people.

How to choose the "standard" Simon socket switch for your space

Traditional Asian space

Asian style brings bold colors of Asian cultures. Most cultures have interference and influence from each other, but each country will have its own characteristics and details consistent with national traditions.

Always promoting rustic simplicity, Asian furniture is often not too fussy in its overall appearance, focusing mainly on the main function. The highlight of these designs is the meticulousness in small details, from the flowers under the chair rim, the soft curves of the cabinet legs, or the edges of the wall picture frames, etc. The carved motifs mascot or specific cultural symbol. 

How to choose simon orange curves to suit your space 2Socket switch K1 is a product line specifically designed for spaces with Asian style. The gently curved key surface of the K1 product line is applied by Simon with glossy and smooth surface treatment technology, becoming a unique highlight in the space. The harmonious combination of the rectangular frame with traditional patterned accents brings a breath of nostalgia to the house.

Modern minimalist space

Minimalist home design is not synonymous with simplicity but is the reduction of cumbersome and sophisticated details. The space will only focus on essential elements such as light, form, and material of items. Thanks to that, you will have the feeling of enjoying a harmonious, neat and airy whole. For the minimalist design trend, space is the deciding factor for beauty, not other decorative items. 

Perhaps it is the small but sufficient requirements that make choosing electrical accessories a difficult problem for many homeowners. Therefore, for a line of socket switches that not only ensures the criteria of durability, beauty and elegance, but also enhances the class of minimalist space, the best candidates are the S6 and i7 Simon products.

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Simon's S6 product line is designed in Nordic and modern style with 3 colors: white, yellow, gray. 

  • White: the color of simplicity, purity. This is the simplest option, easy to combine in any interior space. 
  • Fluorescent gray: color shows temperament. Silver gray color with metal texture creates luxury, enhancing living space.
  • Champagne yellow: modern and luxurious, adorning family life and evoking sublime emotions.

Besides, the i7 socket switch creates its own uniqueness with matte paint effect and digital color coating. In the process of producing the i7 product line, it has created the ability to flexibly adapt this product line to all interior styles and bring a sense of sophistication. Similar to the S6, the Series i7 Socket Switch line has 3 colors: white, champagne and gray, allowing you to unleash your creativity in a minimalist space.

Retro style space

Not as bold as the classic style, furniture in the Retro style often has plain, smooth shapes and few details. In particular, the nostalgic features in Retro interiors are not lavish or sophisticated but very simple and neat. Each line of style is very distinct and unique. That is why when choosing electrical accessories, it is necessary to both show nostalgia but also need to have elements of spacious and unique lines.

How to choose the right angle for a space 1

V8 is a product line rich in evocations of the past. With flexible designs and high-quality materials, each socket switch is a connection point to recreate an ancient story but with a distinctly contemporary embodiment.

It can be said that for multi-style architecture and interior design, Simon can meet and provide quality solutions. Each socket switch is the result of an R&D process full of efforts to create classy products, affirming its position in the hearts of customers who love architecture and feel interiors with their hearts.

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