“Accessory” switch socket Simon – small but “martial” 

With a modern and trendy apartment space, every little detail is meticulously cared for. Whether it's just a bookshelf, picture frame, light bulb or even an electrical appliance switch, it must bring emotions and personal impressions of the owner. That's the reason socket switch Simon With its sophistication and elegance, it has attracted and used in many residential and public architectural works that require high art and aesthetics.

Architectural space design trends

Minimalist architectural space

Minimalism is probably no stranger to those who are passionate about fashion, art or architecture. Although appearing for a long time, to this day, visual aesthetics according to the principle of "nothingness" still create attraction for many people. The utilization, modification and fusion of basic principles and modern values have turned minimalist architecture into a trendy or even luxury trend.

Some people call minimalist architecture "the shape of pure beauty". Perhaps what they want to emphasize here is the simple but poetic emotions, meanings and connections of textures, shapes and materials that give a sense to the viewer who owns the space. To summarize, “less is more” – an already popular motto of this style is increasingly understood in the direction of art, sophistication. It's not just a truncation, it's a deliberate refinement.

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Architectural space with bold local imprints

Cultural values, customs and habits are not easy to ignore even when choosing furniture, furniture to architectural design. The combination of traditional beauty and the new way of architectural lines in the world creates a mix that attracts viewers.

Today, with so many architectural styles to choose from, a return to indigenous designs is becoming more and more popular. Perhaps, through many studies, it is more and more recognized that the harmony of environment, geology and climate is something to consider and promote in contemporary architecture.

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Not only in family and individual apartments, public works are also being built based on increasingly obvious cultural and indigenous factors. The arrangement, renovation and unity between the natural ecological environment and the human ecology brings a bold national breath even in the smallest details and highlights of the space.

Smart architectural space

Experiencing a smarter, more comfortable life is always the top need of modern architecture. The design of space, interior decoration must achieve the ability to save time, bring comfort and enjoyment to homeowners. Even for public and artistic centers, the "smart" element seems to be one of the highly appreciated architectural solutions.

With the ever-changing technology, "one-touch connection" or the ability to create special textures over time, the human circadian rhythm is not a fantasy. In fact, those new trends are a way to create creative inspiration, a more effective life management solution for anyone.

Design emotional living space with Simon socket switch

Life is colorful and full of interesting experiences. Return to your beloved home, where you receive positive, healing energies. Exploring bustling, bustling destinations, galleries, art galleries, you have more fun and feel life more memorable.

Perhaps because the more interesting things of this wide world, the more subtle and meticulous are appreciated. Space is not only a destination but also a place to breathe emotions. Understanding that meaning, Simon brings quality, enthusiastic products that "turn on" the vibe. The Simon socket switch is the poetic and colorful touch of the space.

Exquisite design Simon socket switch

Not too strange in the luxurious and classy space designs, the Simon socket switch brings an extremely charming and harmonious beauty. The product possesses impressive and delicate colors and the surface is spray-painted with modern technology. Whether you are looking at it or touching it, you can feel the unique difference.

The wife is very proud of her husband

Perhaps it is the creation of multiple product lines, multi-experiences for users that Simon socket switches easily fit, bringing harmony and emotion to different architectural works. Gracefully rounded corners, square or smooth surfaces, rough edges all bring an aesthetic story with a distinct purpose.

The compatibility of the Simon socket switch for the local space

In fact, indigenous to architecture is the creation of unique values and characteristics of cultural space suitable to the locality and region. Besides, it must be compatible with environmental factors, customs, and national cultural views. Not only focusing on design, the Simon socket switch also makes any Vietnamese user satisfied by its flexibility and compatibility.

Indochine-style architectural designs using Simon socket switches show both traditional and modern dynamism. Even the houses in the direction of Tropical, Bauhaus, ... dotted with subtle indigenous elements combined with Simon products always bring uniqueness and novelty. The Simon Socket Switch is durable, sturdy, and compatible with the harsh climate, humid tropical monsoon landscape in Vietnam. This is definitely a big plus for homeowners who are knowledgeable about modern architectural design.

Class creates architectural value

Unique is a concept that has been talked about a lot in recent times when it comes to class and luxury. Perhaps so, Simon's socket switch products have gone beyond mere functional value and become an "accessory" that affirms the sophisticated aesthetic of the elite.

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With a history of more than 100 years and investment in research and product development, Simon has been a brand of electrical equipment that has accompanied many architectural works with strong vitality over time. Socket switches with Spanish brands raise the level of architectural space, bringing inspiration to trendy, passionate living.

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