Minimalism in design – The trend of the future

As people's lives become more and more modern and complete, the tendency to return to the primitive and simple is more and more popular. This is reflected in every aspect of the lifestyle and the design of the living space.

First, let's talk about the . factor minimalist style (minimalism) refers to compaction, delicately designed blocks with flat surfaces, straight cuts, right angles, etc., skillfully. The luxury goods industry also focuses on this factor to create attractive and luxurious masterpieces in each product. From boxcars with generous proportions or original engines, to exquisitely crafted watches, etc. are becoming minimalist in texture but bringing inspiring experiences to users.

Understanding the general trend of the times, the design styles of houses for the upper class will be minimalist in layout and focus on bringing emotions to homeowners. As a result, the uniqueness will become even more obvious when each person's personality and preferences are expressed on the overall architecture or even each piece of wall paint, interior accessories, etc.

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Shaping the concept of minimalism in architecture and interior design

Minimalism style, also known as minimalism style, focuses on making optimal use of living space, enhancing the beauty of the eclectic and elegant. Many people often confuse this style with simplicity and simplicity and think that it is only suitable for popular customers. However, the motto of this style is "Less is more". Therefore, the streamlining here is the element that creates subtle accents and conveys content messages with profound aesthetic value.

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According to Doctor, construction engineer Nguyen Van Long “Minimalism in architecture and interior design is established mainly through shapes, colors and materials used in space. It is the layout of the space to bring a feeling to people that creates the spirit and atmosphere of the house, not due to the filling of furniture and items. Therefore, it can be said that the minimalist design style also contributes to reshaping even the most basic concepts such as "luxury" or "class"..

Establishing a different understanding of "minimalism" in design aimed at upper-class customers who love luxury items seems extremely confusing. However, it is completely understandable because the really important value for many people is relaxation, how to enjoy free time. This is what creates the trend of architecture and interior design with the spirit of a combination of values, essence and inspiration.

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The essential elements of the minimalist design style

To talk about minimalism in architecture and interior design, there are three points that are always appreciated: shapes, colors and materials that create space. Sometimes with just a few small changes, the minimalist design style will shape different objects.

With a luxurious space, minimalism will still take advantage of the general rules but pay more attention to the selection of objects and equipment that are delicate but equally artistic. The general layout created with close connections, harmonious colors and a reasonable combination of light are valuable points for the space of the house.

Minimalist style requires moderation in furniture. Thanks to this feature, the view of the space is wider and more open, and at the same time, it enhances the essence of the house. The materials used in the house need to be carefully selected whether it is for a chair, a shelf or just a switch, etc.

When choosing accessories for apartments and luxury houses in a minimalist style, architects always believe in socket switches from high-end brands like Simon. Simon's product design is towards the original, focusing on optimizing the space, creating real emotions for the owner.

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Striving to promote the strengths of research and design as well as selectively preserving the "heritage" of more than 100 years of Europe, Simon is committed to bringing to the Vietnamese market electrical accessories of international standards, suitable for with architectural works for the upper class. The product lines Simon S6, i7, V8, ... are luxurious and elegant with high applicability, evoking emotions for users through all senses. In particular, they also create the sophisticated experience that homeowners expect in a house with minimalist design.

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With the modern trend, luxury living is towards the most original, focusing on the optimal use of space. Therefore, the minimalist design style is becoming more and more popular. Simon always accompanies projects for the elite community, bringing a fulfilling life to every customer.

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