Reasons to change from a normal switch to a high-end Simon switch 

The needs and tastes of users change, more and more customers switch to using ordinary switches high-end electric switch. In which, Simon has always been a brand of high-end sockets and switches that have been favored by customers for many years in the Vietnamese market. So what are the reasons why customers should have such a change in the habit of choosing "electrical accessories" for the family, let's find out in this article.

Consumer market trends

The switch-socket market has many diverse segments, so users have a lot of different options to be able to equip their homes. Depending on the needs, conditions as well as the concept of "interior accessories" that the owner will bring to the space of his room or apartment with its own style.

High-end electrical switchConsidering the high-end apartment market alone, the synchronization of all devices and accessories in the family has been conceived from the design stage. Whether it is just a socket - a switch or a function module, it is always arranged in a subtle and reasonable way. Therefore, when looking at the consumption trends of the electrical equipment industry, the overall picture can be clearly seen. High-end socket-switch products are on the rise, and more and more families are changing the choice of these product lines.

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Reasons to change from a normal switch to a high-end Simon switch

Classy design, exalting luxury and modernity for space

As a brand from Spain, the designs of Simon switch sockets are bold European style. The shape of the product is mainly square, strong and spacious surface blocks. Thanks to that, every project using Simon's sockets and switches has a very distinctive mark.

high-cap-tac-tac-dien-cap-cap (3)Strong but not monotonous and less charming, the designs in each Simon accessory always ensure a harmonious combination, high applicability to the Vietnamese home space. In particular, the impressive color gamut of the sockets and switches also shows the sophistication in creating trendy touches in luxury architecture.

Convenient automation

Modern and smart is the priority need in choosing a socket - switch device. Currently, Simon still maintains the production of two traditional and smart product lines to enhance the customer experience.

The support of technology helps people manage the power system no matter where they are. Moreover, thanks to the monitoring and monitoring of devices, it can improve the efficiency of electricity use as well as protect electrical energy for the family. It can be said that today's modern homes can completely enhance the personal experience for users.

Durable material, safe construction

Simon always understands and understands the habits and needs of customers for using electrical sockets and switches. Each detail of the “accessory” has its own calculations to achieve the standards of hardness, durability, and bearing capacity.

The base and frame of the product are made of high-strength PC and steel materials, no deformation. Besides, the paint on the steel base helps to isolate the socket and switch and reduce the possibility of corrosion and oxidation.

Simon socket has wide screw holes, easy to operate, connect to electrical equipment. In addition, some of Simon's product lines have an automatic locking mechanism to prevent plugging in the wrong socket, making it safe to use.

The structure of the J-shaped toggle switch makes the angle movement very accurate, improving the user experience. In addition, the switch has a high-strength structure, which can be up to 10,000 times of unplugging without deforming the socket.

Prestigious brand, worthy of fashion

As a follower of the brand, with an upper-class lifestyle, homeowners will always consider choosing each "accessory" for the house. Simon is qualified to match the trendy, high-end designs of any building.

high-cap-tac-capture (2)With more than 100 years of history and companionship in many projects around the world, Simon high-end electrical switch socket is the presence of European cultural heritage, of luxury and class.

The selection high-end power switch socket Simon instead of conventional lines is absolutely worth the investment. However, making a decision about which model, design, and function is right for the style of the house is never simple. So you can contact us for advice hotline: 0968 111 900 for advice.