Recessed spotlights and lighting applications cannot be ignored

Light contributes to creating a living space with a variety of colors and emotions. The electric light is an important factor in creating those scientific and artistic changes. In there recessed spotlights With its diverse advantages and applications, it has brought the favorite choice of many architectural works and projects.

What is a recessed spotlight?

LED lighting technology is no longer strange to everyone. Since its inception, it has become a lighting solution for apartments, hotels, restaurants, etc. Recessed spotlights are also a product line that uses led lighting technology and is popular for use. extremely spacious.

Recessed LED spotlights have a delicate design with most of the body area located in the ceiling surface. A special feature of recessed spotlights is the narrow beam that provides a clear contrast between light and shadow. This is different from the LED downlights used for conventional ceiling lighting and has a wider beam angle.

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Recessed spotlights have their own advantages. With diverse light colors and narrow projection angles, it helps to create attractive artistic spots in commercial and public architectural spaces that require high aesthetics. Therefore, spaces such as hotels, restaurants, museums, exhibitions, etc. all use this line of recessed spotlights quite a lot.

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Dimensions of recessed spotlights

Recessed spotlights are extremely diverse, easy to choose through in-person or online shopping. However, there are parameters about product dimensions and holes that need to be noted to be able to install lights appropriately. The hole in the hole affects the installed light capacity, so for new construction and construction projects, it is advisable to make a choice of lights before drilling the ceiling hole.

There are two main types of light holes that are mainly used, those with a diameter of 90 - 95mm and those with a diameter of 120 - 160mm. For each different hole size, users can consider choosing a suitable lamp.

The 7W 3-color recessed led spotlight will be suitable for 90 - 95mm holes. For 9W, 12W recessed led lights, it is appropriate to use 120 - 160mm holes.


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Recessed spotlights are used for many artistic and commercial purposes, so aesthetics is one of the top evaluated criteria. The Simon ceiling spotlight is compact, luxurious and extremely elegant for the space. In addition, with a powder-coated aluminum shell structure, it can resist the effects of the environment, making the product durable over time.

Current application of recessed spotlights

Currently, the lamp lines have improved in both technology, design and quality. Simon ceiling spotlight LED uses high-end cob led chip, good lighting, long life up to 40,000 hours and limited heat emission to the surrounding environment.

The lighting advantage of the spotlight is that it has an even distribution, and the color rendering index CRI> 80 gives users a variety of warm, medium, and white light experiences. Especially the light limits glare, ensuring visual safety for users.

den-spotlight-am-tran-va-ung-dung-chieu-sang (1)Picture: FM60 . Ceiling Spotlight Simon 

In fact, ceiling spotlights can be divided into 7W - 9W - 15W: This power level from 7W -15W is very suitable for decorating fashion showrooms, showrooms, hotel rooms, restaurants. wedding. It not only provides enough light for the not too large space of fashion stores, but also has the task of decorating and highlighting objects and products.

Spotlights with a capacity of 20w – 30w: This is the highest power level of Spotlight lights. It is used in lighting large spaces such as commercial centers, supermarkets, gyms, etc. The light can shine, providing light for areas with ceilings up to 5m high.

Quotation for recessed spotlights

On the market, there are many different brands in which Simon ceiling spotlights are trusted by many customers. The products ensure aesthetics and quality worthy of high-class spaces.

You can refer to the Simon ceiling spotlight price list below to be able to choose the right product:

Product's name Wattage Color temperature IP index Projection angle Product code Price
FD70 Simon round-rim spotlight spotlight 8W 2700K/3000K/4000KCK 20 40° N04C4-1026/27/28 982,000 VND
FD70 Simon round-rim spotlight spotlight 8W 2700K/3000K/4000KCK 65 40° N04C4-1029/30/31 VND 1,034,000
FD70 Simon round-rim spotlight spotlight 8W 2700K/3000K/4000KCK 44 40° N04C4-1032/33/34 VND 1,024,000
Square rim spotlight spotlight FD70 Simon 8W 2700K/3000K/4000KCK 20 40° N04C4-1035/36/37 VND 1,013,000
Square rim spotlight spotlight FD70 Simon 8W 2700K/3000K/4000KCK 44 40° N04C4-1038/39/40 VND 1,045,000
FM60 Simon Ceiling Spotlight 3W, 5W, 7W, 9W 3000K/4000KZK 20 12°,



N04C4 924,000 VND – 1,365,000 VND
Single box spotlight GR30 Simon 9W, 15W, 30W 3000K/4000KZK 20 15°,


N6424 994,000 VND – 2,184,000 VND
Double spotlight box style GR30 Simon 9W, 15W, 30W 3000K/4000KZK 20 15°,


N6424 VND 1,804,000 – VND 4,032,000
Triple box spotlight GR30 Simon 9W, 15W, 30W 3000K/4000KZK 20 15°,


N6424 2,603,000 VND – 5,723,000 VND
HS30 (white) round rim recessed spotlight spotlights Simon 7W, 9W, 15W, 20W, 30W, 40W 3000K/4000KZK 20 15°,



N0424 1,060,400 VND – 2,920,500 VND
HS30 Simon square ceiling recessed spotlight 7W, 9W, 15W, 20W 3000K/4000KZK 20 15°,



N0424 1,060,400 VND – 1,680,600 VND
HS30 Simon square ceiling recessed spotlight 30W, 40W 3000K/4000KZK 20 15°,


N0424 2,350,700 VND – 2,920,500 VND

Above is the reference price list of the products Simon's recessed spotlight (Price list may change from time to time). For more information about the product, you can contact hotline: 0968 111 900 or send a message to email: to be answered.

With the information provided about the advantages and applications of ceiling spotlights, hopefully you have been able to give an overview and consider choosing lights according to the needs of the works and projects.