Floating spotlights: Lighting solutions for restaurants and hotels

No longer strange to the lighting market, floating spotlight This is one of the most popular lamps used in restaurants and hotels. This is a modern, smart and highly applicable lighting solution.

Requirements and standards for restaurant and hotel lighting

To be able to choose a good light that is suitable for the space, there are many factors to consider and pay attention to. In which the requirements for bright performance, environmental friendliness, safety with user health are the top priorities.

When considering the lighting environment of hotels and restaurants, the characteristics of color effects, scientific and artistic lighting arrangement are also very concerned.

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Lighting solutions need to choose high-quality, high-efficiency, energy-saving, environmentally-friendly light sources, using local lighting methods that combine extended lighting, artistic color effects. In addition, in order to enhance the space experience as well as ensure the standards of the hotel and restaurant serving customers, there are some notes below.

First of all, the standard has been issued a general document that is applied in many places:

– Standards for applying lighting design for restaurants and hotels: Vietnam Standard 7114:2008:

Table of lighting quality standards according to TCVN 7114-2008:

STT Functional space Lighting quality standards
illuminance (lux) Minimum color rendering index (Ra) Glare factor limit
1 Restaurant, dining room, function room 200 80 22
2 Meeting 500 80 19
3 Reception/cashier desk, area for luggage to be ported       500 80 22
4 Kitchen 500 80 22
5 Lobby 100 80 25
6 Toilet, wash face 200 80 25
7 Basement, parking area 75 40 Not considered

In addition, when choosing spotlights, attention should be paid to visual safety. The bulb should be stable, with no flickering or glare. Plus, the light color temperature range should be selected according to the popular levels of 3000K, 5000K or 6500K.

Features of floating spotlights

Floating spotlights (butter tube spotlights) come in a variety of sizes and designs. The common feature of this series is that the lamp base mounts directly to the wall or ceiling by screwing. Besides, it can also adjust the light angle in many different directions.

Simon's floating spotlight luxury, durable, worthy in the space of restaurants, luxury hotels. With a luminescence efficiency of 88 - 95 Lm/w, the lamp gives a strong, clear but very pleasant light, without causing glare.

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Simon's floating spotlight with luminescent efficiency from 88 - 95 Lm/w depending on power type, for strong, clear light, suitable for lighting offices, hotels, and commercial centers. Besides, the Simon floating spotlight model has many beautiful and eye-catching designs, arranged to suit many spaces. The most prominent models are the round CU50 spotlight; square CU50 spotlight; FU52 round floating spotlight; FU52 square floating spotlight lamp.

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Application of floating spotlights in restaurant and hotel lighting

Spotlight lighting not only creates light but also creates art for space. When handled and modified in a reasonable way, light is created new for architecture.

The lobby space is the place that impresses customers. So many restaurants and hotels have combined shimmering decorative lights with delicate spotlights. As a result, the space is not only magnificent but also outstanding with attractive accents.

The hotel's restaurant and dining area needs to bring comfort, enjoyment, and help diners enjoy the full flavor of the food. Therefore, the light from the spotlight is a "catalyst" that enhances the taste and makes the meal complete.

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For accommodation rooms, lighting perfectly expresses the ideas and emotions that the hotel wants to convey. To take advantage of sophisticated interior accents, spotlight spotlights will enhance the beauty of a statue, picture frame or even a small decorative detail. The combination of light and darkness creates an attractive and charming architectural "mix".

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It can be seen that the applications of floating spotlights are very diverse, especially with flexible rotation angles, and the light can be customized to suit the requirements of each moment. Combined with a sophisticated and luxurious lamp design, Simon's floating spotlight models are the perfect choice, suitable for upmarket spaces.