Spotlight lights – A highlight for a luxurious space

Light is considered the soul of every living space. If in the past, the need for artistic lighting was not focused, today the design of lighting in the space is increasingly interested. In order to highlight the special details, angles and values of each illuminated object, Spotlight become a useful tool to help homeowners create eye-catching and unique light paintings, expressing each person's own personality. Therefore, Spotlight lights are gradually becoming a trend that is used a lot in creating accents for every space.

Residential lighting


According to scientific research, light has a direct impact on the psychology and emotions of each person. Therefore, the installation and arrangement of light in the house is very important so that every day when returning from stressful working hours, we are more relaxed and comfortable. With the ability to focus lighting as well as adjust the projection angle flexibly, Spotlight lights help highlight the special architectural space of the house, highlighting decorative objects that express the owner's own personality: cozy kitchen, massive bookcases, comfortable wine bar, beautiful paintings… At the same time, when combined with conventional lighting, Spotlight's light creates impressive arrays of colors, bringing The depth of space helps homeowners enjoy sublime moments when looking at the unique light picture in their own home.

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Lighting of shopping malls, shops


Lighting in the Trade Center, the store not only highlights the beauty of the fashion products displayed at the store, but also creates a professional, modern look and contributes to the branding of the stores. . At the same time, attract the attention of buyers, thereby increasing sales for the store. With realistic light and an impressive color rendering index, Spotlight helps products to be displayed for sale more prominent, sparkling and fresh.

Lighting museum, exhibition center

Lighting in museums and exhibitions is all about creating the perfect overall lighting, combined with optimal light levels to accentuate works of art or historical relics. A quality lighting system will contribute to enhancing the customer experience, sparking the enjoyment inside, leaving memorable memories and enticing them to come back.


With the light of the Spotlight lamp, the smallest details of each object displayed in the museum and exhibition center will be depicted in the most clear way. Therefore, visitors can not only see the appearance but also better understand the artistic values that each object contains.

Currently on the market, there are many lines of Spotlight lights, but in order to choose products that ensure both aesthetic value and product quality, consumers need to choose products from long-standing, reputable brands. on the market.

Simon with more than 100 years of experience in research and development has launched the Olot line with many Spotlight products that fully meet the criteria: Durable - Beautiful - Diversified. If Spotlight FU52 Featuring a round and square shape with a black and white powder coating, the FM60 series makes an impression with its aluminum shell with luxurious gray color, delicately embellished with a silver plated circle, the FD70 series has The light frame is made from PC plastic to make the product lighter during installation and transportation, and the lamp base is cast aluminum to help dissipate heat effectively during use. In addition, Simon also owns the FD62 series with good luminance control, which enhances / highlights the lighting effects in the room, creating a space with depth with impressive color arrays.

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