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You can go to many places, meet many people and have countless experiences, but perhaps the place that creates energy, stimulates creativity and helps you live true to your emotions and personality the most is "home". Not only limited to the phrase "safe", Simon K3 brings a new concept of "style" in its own products, helping "home" to be a space that sparks inspiration, arouses passion, affirming a different "I".

Modern housing style

The development of society entails changes in tastes, culture and art. In architecture and aesthetics, too, modern housing and the interference and resonance from many different materials and inspirations have contributed to diversifying Vietnamese spatial style.

Rustic design style (Rustic Style)

The design trend of simple, gentle and in harmony with nature is always popular in Vietnam. Perhaps so, Rustic, although it sounds strange, is quickly being chosen by many families as the main style for their apartments and houses. In Rustic, there is a hint of simplicity, roughness and peace. It is combined and accentuated with materials such as wood, natural stone or rough brick, etc. The beauty of Rustic always makes us feel comfortable and familiar.

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Maverick style

Not afraid of being different and full of spontaneity, Maverick is a modern style, ideal for open, individual souls. Maverick's highlight is the creation of non-traditional crisscrossing and stacking pieces. The lines of this style give the house a feeling of both spaciousness, softness, and poeticity. 

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The combination and combination of colors, beauty and even the thoughts of the home owner make Maverick unique and interesting for anyone to admire and look at. We seem to be immersed in the passion, uncertainty and no principles of each individual space. Maverick allows the soul to get lost and let the imagination run wild.

Hitech design style

Following the flow of technology, we can see changes in many fields and industries. Interior and architecture are no exception when High Technology (Hitech) appears as an extremely unique and creative style, challenging new experiences. The materials that Hitech uses are also modern when glass and shiny metal are given priority. 

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Hitech style is considered a branch of the modern school of interior design style. The difference between these two styles lies in the way the overall structure is built vertically, the shapes and utensils are often minimalist and follow neutral colors such as white, black, gray to bring elegance to the room. space.

Nordic interior design style (Scandinavian style)

The harmony of three elements: minimalism - functionality - convenience can be said to be the most concise definition used to describe Scandinavian interior style. Colors, materials and interesting combinations in arrangement bring a sense of peace and relaxation that not only middle-aged people but even young people love.

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We can find simplicity without monotony in neutral colors such as white, gray, brown, cream, and milk. We can find the rustic, rudimentary, unpolished but delicate features in the rattan chairs, the floor mats or the tinkling wind chimes on the front porch. The transformation of Nordic style combined with the unique characteristics of Vietnamese architecture brings a closeness and poetry that cannot be duplicated anywhere else.

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Minimalist interior design style (Minimalism Style)

There is a special point in the minimalism space that many people do not pay much attention to: light. Because of the choice of conciseness and precision in lifestyle and furniture, the main controlling factor of the house is the feeling of natural light.

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Minimalist style aesthetics focus on empty spots instead of the entire structure and texture of the space. We can see that even though the architecture is simple and the decorative furniture does not need to be elaborate or meticulous, the space is still visually attractive with the delicate rhythm of light and the art of space arrangement.

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Factors in housing psychology

Color in house design

Color plays an extremely important role in creating a private living space that suits personal taste and is still stylish. It reflects, influences and creates the mood of its owner. Therefore, choosing what color, where to place it, and how to balance it with objects is also a problem that needs careful calculation.

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A person who wants to be surrounded by a soothing, peaceful space and a feeling of comfort, will definitely choose the colors blue, green or milk tones, deep brown. A passionate, vibrant and energetic person will probably like warm color tones such as red, orange, yellow, etc. Likewise, neutral tones such as white, black, gray help make the space more elegant and gentle. .

Not only does the main color create a general inspiration for the entire space, but the interior also plays a role in stylizing and adding highlights, creating emotions for the owner and visitors to the house. The idea of using additional wooden furniture, ceramics, wall paintings with corresponding art schools and a delicately mixed color palette will certainly make your place more attractive and unique.

Shapes in space

Whether complex or simple, every interior object is created from shapes. Combining and choosing them together makes a space more interesting and increases the evocativeness of the house. Perhaps that is why curves and folds create softness suitable for owners who like peace, gentleness and sweetness, while square, rectangular or triangular objects are the applications of these objects. Straight lines, cuts, and sharp angles will stimulate the homeowner's curiosity, open-mindedness, and generosity.

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The interesting thing is that shapes and materials are not separate from each other but have different impacts in creative combinations. It's the same round carpet, but it's warm with wool and strong with canvas. Shapes and materials clearly resonate together, creating great creative ideas, right?

Simon K3 color helps homeowners assert their own unique style

For many people, home plays a more important role than just a place of residence. If you do not want to just stop with the concept of architecture and rational design, the homeowner must spend a lot of effort to choose every small detail for the house. Only then will the space truly "live" with the nuances of the homeowner.

Design principles include balance, proportion, rhythm,... and most especially, sympathy in the space that the owner creates will bring safety, warmth or energy, positivity, Breathe life into seemingly boring and senseless details.

To meet the aesthetic needs and strictness of upscale homeowners, and especially to understand and follow the emotions of space, Simon has a thorough and meticulous R&D process so that every touch point is a connection. and transfer of love. Simon K3 is a line of socket switches inspired by timelessness and freedom full of passion. We create attractive color versions with perfect roughness treatment that transforms the space to its fullest every moment.

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The evocative K3 champagne version, carrying the warm breath of a peaceful afternoon, is the perfect product for Scandinavian, rustic or maverick styles.
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K3 gray exudes elegance and sophistication with a modern breath. Its nuances make hitech and minimalism style spaces not only inspirational but also extremely friendly and approachable.

Socket switches exist not only in their correct function but also develop into an emotional bridge. Current Simon K3 The color brings the ideas and passion of the 100-year-old Simon to life in every touch.