The journey of recycled products and the environmental protection message of Simon Vietnam

May 5, 2023 is the day when the recycled products last stop at the Can Tho office, ending the 6-month journey through all of Simon's offices and factories, completing the mission of spreading pride to the customers. with the Company's products and the spirit of recycling and environmental protection.

simon-viet-nam-va-thong-diep-bao-ve-moi-truong (2)

The recycled products of the "Simon Vietnam Integration" contest on the occasion of the Simon Vietnam Company's Birthday in 2022 have been displayed at all 4 offices in Hanoi, Da Nang, Ho Chi Minh, and Can Tho. and factory in Hung Yen. This is an opportunity for employees to see firsthand the skillful, meticulous and creative recycled products from a group of employees who have joined hands to complete, turning useless products into useful decorative items. for life.

simon-viet-nam-va-thong-diep-bao-ve-moi-truong (1)

The set of 7 products with different names and meanings not only shows love for the Company but also inspires and inspires pride to employees that no one has ever thought of before. The work not only excellently demonstrates the unique idea of turning lamps into objects that represent the wishes of business development, but also demonstrates the spirit of recycling, social responsibility for the environment that Simon want to spread to society at large.

Recycling is understood as the process of waste or unnecessary materials (scrap) into new materials that can be applied to life to bring benefits to people. This is an alternative to conventional waste disposal, which saves materials as well as reduces the exploitation of new raw materials, reduces energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions. It can be affirmed that recycling not only brings great economic benefits but also has long-term implications for the environment.

The reality shows that environmental problems causing climate change have become a major concern in recent years. This is and will continue to affect our lives and Vietnam ranks among some of the most vulnerable countries in the world to climate change. Enterprises are the subjects that need to be pioneers, uphold the sense of responsibility and take specific actions to reduce pollution in production and business activities, contributing to the overall efforts of the government.

At Simon, we have been maintaining the philosophy of sustainable production in the business and implementing an environmentally-friendly lifestyle in our daily activities at the office:

  • Reuse machines and products before buying new ones
  • Reduce paper, water and energy use
  • Recycle and segregate waste properly
  • Make the most of natural light
  • Adjust the suitable temperature in summer and winter
  • Turn off any unused electrical and electronic equipment and devices

Sayings of General Director Tran Thanh Hai “I want all products bearing this meaningful message to alternately pass through all branch offices and factories of Simon Vietnam” Along with the journey of recycled products throughout 4 branch offices and factories, Simon once again affirms and upholds the spirit, environmental responsibility, and future generations of Simon Vietnam.

Reduce, reuse, recycle - environmental protection message for all individuals, organizations and businesses. Let's act on the environment from small actions!