The importance of lighting in hotels

Lighting is a particularly important factor that creates a strong emotion and impression on customers from the very first moment. Therefore, hotel lighting poses many challenges and demands for designers because it has the ability to set the mood, tone or atmosphere for the space in the most perfect way. By using light to affect customers on an emotional level, hotels can establish a purposeful atmosphere and contribute to business by better responding to customer needs. customer feelings when experiencing the service.

Lighting creates a unique style of a hotel. Even customers can judge whether a hotel is luxurious or normal just by observing the lighting system from the hotel's reception desk. Certainly, choosing a hotel lighting system that brings high aesthetics and class to a simple guest space is not simple because they need to create accents, outstanding features and characteristics of each area. .

Hotel lighting

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With the characteristic of being a space for relaxation, enjoyment and relaxation, the lighting for the hotel must highlight the luxury and class worthy of the space. Especially, the lighting style creates an impressive highlight to engrave in the customer's mind about a truly different resort location and becomes an existing place in the customer's mind when there is a need for the next trip. .

In addition, lighting needs to create a distinctive feature for each space suitable for each function such as areas such as reception, conference rooms, bedrooms, dining rooms, swimming pools, corridors... This requires research. and typical lighting arrangements.

The requirements for hotel lighting are quality lighting systems, high lighting efficiency, maximum power saving and safety, friendly to the environment and users. The combination of direct and indirect lighting methods, local and panoramic lighting can enhance the artistic value of the hotel space and at the same time bring more emotions to customers.

Standards for hotel lighting design

  • Meet Vietnam lighting standards TCVN 7114-1:2008: Lighting quality is based on illuminance, illuminance uniformity, color rendering index of light.
  • Meet the national technical regulation QCVN 09:2013/BXD: Use energy efficiently, meet the standards of used power density and energy usage level.
  • Using high quality light source, wide color temperature range and high color rendering index, super bright led.
  • Ensure visual comfort, no light flicker, no glare, no shadow collapse.
  • Wide range of light color temperature: 3000K, 5000K, 6500K.
  • In addition to ensuring aesthetic issues for the building, the lighting system is flexibly controlled for different uses in space.

Some hotel lighting standards:

STT Functional space illuminance Levelness Color rendering index Power density Glare factor limit
1 Front desk, lobby 300 0,7 80 11 22
2 Conference rooms, seminars 300 0,7 80 11 19
3 Bedroom 100 80 8
4 Restaurant, dining room 200 0,7 80 11 22
5 Kitchen 500 0,7 80 11 22
6 Corridors, stairs 100 22
7 Side works 200

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Lighting solutions for each hotel space

Each separate area has different lighting requirements to both create a lighting function and create a suitable aesthetic, helping customers feel comfortable, comfortable and have the most memorable experiences. Each design space sets out lighting requirements that impact and touch each customer's senses and emotions. Therefore, light is an important factor to inspire and help customers immerse themselves in the space, feeling satisfied from the smallest corners.

1. Hotel lobby lighting

The first important thing for hotel lighting designers is to shape the style that the hotel is aiming for: classic, medieval, modern, Asian, European,

Then consider the area of the hotel lobby space. In the case of a large hall, choose sophisticated crystal chandeliers and vice versa, if space is limited, you can choose recessed lights or LED lamps with lampshades to create a cozy look.

Ceiling LED Downlights is the first choice when designing the lighting in the hotel lobby because the light spreads evenly throughout the space and is not too bright, while bringing a sense of lightness and intimacy to customers in a very subtle way. .

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2. Hotel corridor lighting, stairs

The designers pay great attention to lighting decoration for the corridor so as not to create a feeling of eye strain and lost, attractive for customers. Taking advantage of decorative accents here will bring a plus point and a big impression in the hearts of each visitor

For corridors with limited area, use ceiling lights to create overall light in combination with wall lamps that both have outstanding lighting functions, and at the same time decorate and beautify the space, creating romance for customers anywhere. You can combine with some decorations such as wall paintings, potted plants to avoid boredom and cold

3. Lighting for the dining space

According to research from experts, the more the dining space uses warm light; It creates a feeling of luxury and class. In contrast, strong lighting often creates the feeling that the restaurant is urging customers to eat faster and in a hurry.

Customers not only need to eat but also enjoy the food, drinks and surroundings. It is light that creates atmosphere and deliciousness for meals by using warm lights. This also creates a cozy atmosphere as well as makes the food color attractive, eye-catching and brings romantic and cozy feelings to customers. Luxury customers often arrange light that does not shine directly on their faces when eating and drinking. Soft light combined with lampshade is very suitable that you should consider choosing.

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4. Hotel room lighting

Hotel rooms are often arranged with many types of lights such as LED ceiling lights, spotlights with many types of bulbs to serve each user's individual lighting needs.

The bedroom space of the hotel is considered the most important factor because it is the place that brings emotions and helps customers to relax and have a comfortable feeling like their own home, with warmth and relaxation. However, it still ensures the luxury and comfort of a high-class resort space.

Bedroom lighting needs to ensure warm, pleasant light, no glare, and "soft" light to create conditions for customers to have a good night's sleep. You should choose lamps with an appropriate color temperature of 2700K-3000K for the interior space of the room to create the necessary coziness. Therefore, lamps with lampshades, recessed lights or wall lamps are commonly used. Besides, the light also needs to ensure other functions such as light for reading, makeup or simply light for moving in the night.

5. Hotel pool lighting

During the normal day, designers often take advantage of natural light sources to illuminate the swimming pool area through the open space in large windows and skylights.

In the evening, installing underwater LED lights for decoration and lighting also provides a beautiful, impressive light. For hotel indoor or outdoor swimming pool, can use more LED string lights Changing colors helps to create a playful and airy highlight for the pool area.

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6. Hotel garden lighting

The garden is the area where guests often spend time walking, admiring in the evening or is also the main party area of many hotels. Therefore, the choice of lighting for the garden area also needs to be very attentive.

For hotels with a large garden space, the lighting and decoration of the garden is very important to both illuminate and create an impressive space that attracts customers. marvel at the sight.

Floodlights root This is the choice chosen by many designers to make the space more sparkling, not dazzling to the user. The best position is to install the light from the base of the tree. With some large trees, it is possible to arrange more lights placed in the middle of the branches, which will bring the best decorative effect. LED headlights are also placed in the lawn, bushes, just to decorate and create an aesthetic highlight for the garden. This both helps to illuminate the aisle, expand the space and human eye in the space when there is a lack of natural light. In addition, you can design more LED strings to create light along the way and on the stairs to clearly indicate a safe path, avoiding obstacles.

The hotel is a resort space with high requirements for experience and comfort. Therefore, hotel lighting, in addition to having to comply with certain standards, also needs to create lighting effects that increase the aesthetics of the space. It is very important to use light with a stable light source and the right color and color temperature. In addition, we need to coordinate many lighting methods such as general, local or wall lighting to both create flexible light for many different needs, while creating safety, convenience and eye-catching, causing problems. a good impression for each customer experience upon arrival.

With more than 100 years of history and companionship in many famous projects and works around the world, high-end lighting equipment Simon is the existence of European cultural heritage, of luxury and class. Choosing quality hotel lighting that will impress and create a relaxing and memorable experience space for guests is what every hotel aims to do.

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