"We - Simon Vietnam" contest on the occasion of his 3rd birthday

With the message that each individual is a piece of the puzzle of Simon Vietnam. Although each person has unique characteristics and personalities, we all aim for the common goal of the Company's development. Simon Vietnam respects differences and encourages the development of personal strengths, thereby creating strong internal resources for the Company. On the occasion of its 3rd birthday, Simon Vietnam Electrical Equipment Joint Stock Company organized a photo and video clip contest with the theme WE – SIMON VIETNAM.

study-in-common-ta-simon-viet-nam-1Participants: All Departments of Simon Vietnam Company at 4 offices and Simon Vietnam Factory.


Step 1: Upload your work

Each department/department creates its own work in the form of articles (including images)/Video in its own way to introduce its department/department to Simon brothers and sisters nationwide and express the spirit of solidarity and affection. , what I want to say on the occasion of the Company's birthday.

The image section includes the following two main content items:

Memorable group photo of members of the Department/Department (1-3 photos): events that go together.

Introduce members of the department/department with the following information:

  • Full name, hometown, time of companionship
  • 3 personal preferences
  • 3 words that describe personality
  • Favorite saying…

Attention: Image design departments are free to be creative in expressing the style of their Department/Department, but must still ensure the 2 main content items as above.

Contents of the contest

  • Departments send their works to the Organizing Committee via email: bantinsimonvietnam@gmail.com
  • The BTC will review the valid exam and upload the entries of the employees Fanpage "Simon Vietnam Company" immediately after receiving the contest entries.
  • For works submitted later, the organizers will post them later.

Note: The organizers receive exam papers from November 9, 2023 - ending November 18, 2023

Step 2: Call to interact

  • The time to call for interaction (like/heart) is immediately after the work is posted on the Page

Note: At 15:00 on November 22, 2023, the Organizing Committee will summarize interactions and calculate scores for exams.

Step 3: Like / drop heart / share the post

Employees like / drop hearts / share (share) BTC's post to public mode, click follow (follow) Fanpage "Simon Vietnam Company".


  • "Unity to cross the Pacific" prize: 01 prize

Includes 1.5 million VND and 1 product voucher worth 500,000 VND

  • "Solidarity Across the Atlantic" Prize: 01 prize

Includes 1 million VND and 1 product voucher worth 500,000 VND

  • "Unity to cross the Indian Ocean" prize: 01 prize

Includes 700,000 VND and 1 product voucher worth 500,000 VND

  • "Solidarity to cross the Arctic Ocean" prize: 05 prizes

Includes 1 product voucher worth 500,000 VND

Note: Product vouchers are applied to products of Simon Vietnam Company and cannot be converted to cash (discounted prices for employees include VAT).


Total score = 70% interactive votes + 30% points scored by judges.

In there:

  • Voting interaction score is calculated by the total number of likes/hearts (favorites) on each entry.
  • Points rules: (1 like = 1 point, 1 Tym/ remaining emotions = 2 points, 1 Share: 3 points)

Scores are awarded by the judges based on the following criteria: The exam includes all members, conveys emotions, is meaningful, is creative...


  • Results announcement time: On November 24, 2023, the contest results will be announced.
  • Each department/department may only submit 01 entry.


For photo submissions:

Encourage photos to be in JPG format and clear

Images show the content conveyed, creative.

With video clip entries:

Video entries must be at least 60 seconds and maximum 3 minutes; Size <25MB

Images and sounds are clear, minimizing shaking, blurry images, and unclear content.

Any questions please contact:

Inbox Fanpage "Simon Vietnam Company": https://www.facebook.com/congtySimonVietNam/inbox

Gmai: bantinsimonvietnam@gmail.com