Trade Counselor assesses Simon Vietnam as a strategic market

During the visit to Simon Vietnam Factory in March 2023, the Spanish Commercial Counselor – Mr Néstor Santos Simon is a very famous brand in Spain but not widely known in the Southeast Asian market, especially Vietnam. Grandfather Néstor Santos affirmed that Vietnam is a strategic region that helps Simon expand his brand and high-quality products around the world. 

Simon is confirmed for high brand value in Spain and European countries with a history of development of more than 100 years, since 1916. With product quality that has been confirmed in demanding markets, Simon wants expanding the brand to the whole world, in which is the dynamic and potential Southeast Asian market, especially the Vietnamese market.

Joining the famous family simon Vietnam is one of the most famous competitions in Vietnam

Simon Vietnam is officially a membern of the mighty Simon Group and received a lot of trust, attention and support from the Group. The total investment of 20.4 million USD for the construction of the 15th Simon Factory in Vietnam shows the methodical investment and long-term vision, affirming the enormous development potential of electrical equipment products, lighting equipment in Vietnam and also Southeast Asia market.

After the visit to the Factory, the Counselor believed that: “Simon is really adapting well to Vietnamese culture by learning and adjusting products to suit the aesthetics and tastes of Vietnamese consumers.” Understanding the needs in the country and adapting is the requirement for the survival and development of any international brand when entering a new market.

Joining the famous family simon Vietnam is one of the most famous competitions in VietnamRegarding the challenges facing Simon Vietnam, the Counselor observed that the Vietnamese real estate market is in a downtrend, and this is also the time when Simon Vietnam is completing its apparatus and transferring technology so the current times will be more difficult ahead. However, Mr Néstor Santos firmly affirm the success of the Company in the future by the improvement, comprehensive system change and the consensus of all employees of the Company.  

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Grandfather Néstor Santos also showed great joy and positive attitude on Spain Business Vietnam page after the visit to Simon Vietnam Factory: "It is a pleasure to know that despite being built and established during the pandemic, Simon Vietnam has not only grown strongly in the past two years, but also contributed to the group's best growth region, Asia Pacific. "

Thank you, Mr. Commercial Counselor – Mr Néstor Santos took the time to visit and give positive reviews about Simon Vietnam Factory!