New Year's Eve Party of the Year of the Rabbit 2023 "Strong internal strength - Overcoming thousands of challenges"

After 3 years with many events of the epidemic, Simon Vietnam's New Year party was officially reorganized with meaningful activities across the country, leaving a special impression and emotion on each employee.

tianjin-gui-mao-2023 (1)New Year's party with theme Strong inner strength - Overcoming thousands of challenges It is also an affirmation of the entire Board of Directors and employees of Simon Vietnam about fully preparing all necessary resources, ready to develop breakthroughs in activities in 2023.

tianjin-gui-mao-2023 (4)tianjin-gui-mao-2023 (4)This is also an opportunity for employees to honor the collectives that have achieved business targets in 2022 and create motivation to achieve new goals in 2023. As shared by Deputy General Director Nguyen Vi Quyen: "Review the things that have been done and the things that have not been done, not to regret it, but to find a way to overcome it if we face it again in the future."

tianjin-gui-mao-2023 (3)Honoring the Northern Roman Room in the New Year party

tertile-an-nien-quymao-2023 (6)Honoring the Southern Roman Room in the New Year party

To achieve the goals in 2022, it is not only the efforts and efforts of the "frontline soldiers" who are the sales department, but also the support and coordination of other departments such as the department. Planning, Purchasing, Human Resources, Marketing, Finance - Accounting, Factory and especially the direction of the Board of Directors of the Company.

EnglishHonoring the Simon Room of the Northern project in the New Year partytianjin-gui-mao-2023 (3)Honoring Da Nang Sales Department for achieving business targets in 2022tianjin-gui-mao-2023 (1)Honoring Sunmax Room 2 for achieving business targets in 2022

The New Year party took place in a joyful and warm atmosphere with interesting games to energize and increase the spirit of solidarity, connecting/connecting employees between departments and with the Board of Directors.

ter-tan-nien-simonEmployees at Simon Can Thotianjin-gui-mao-2023 (5) Employees happily participate in Minigame at the party

With a new start with a lot of positive energy and a ready attitude, hopefully Simon Vietnam will overcome the challenges ahead to achieve success in the Year of the Rabbit.

Stay firm and develop – that is also the goal of Simon Vietnam in 2023.