Simon 2023 – Joining forces and going out to sea

On November 24, 2023, Simon Vietnam celebrated 3 years of establishment and development. On this occasion, the Company organized many meaningful activities and birthday parties for all employees at branches in Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, Can Tho, Da Nang and the Factory.

The Company's birthday is not only an opportunity for Simon Vietnam employees to review beautiful memories when overcoming challenges together, but also an opportunity for employees to be proud of their collective achievements and affirm their role. their role in 2023. Each employee is an important brick contributing to the development of Simon Vietnam and each person is deservedly recognized for their contributions.

sinh-nhat-simon-viet-nam-3-year-old (2)
Group of employees at Hanoi branch at Simon Vietnam's birthday party

Simon Vietnam always wants to build a working environment that is a second home for all employees, with the motto: “We are a united group, always working together towards a common goal.” Only when we have strong internal strength, work together, cooperate and support each other, can we overcome all difficulties and challenges to move forward and reach further. 

born-nat-simon-viet-nam-3-year-old (1)
Simon Vietnam's team leader excitedly participated in the event

One of the highlight activities of the party is the competition “Joining our hearts together – Overcoming the waves and going out to sea” between departments. The competition teams had carefully planned and prepared in advance. At the party, the performances demonstrated their skills, talents, unique creativity and love for Simon Vietnam. The contest brought a joyful atmosphere and laughter to all employees at the party and created many memorable memories.

sinh-nhat-simon-viet-nam-3-year-old (2)
Special performances at the 3-year-old birthday party
born-nat-simon-viet-nam-3-year-old (1)
Factory employees held a party to celebrate Simon Vietnam's 3rd birthday
sinh-nhat-simon-viet-nam-3-year-old (4)
Cozy party for Can Tho employees
sinh-nhat-simon-viet-nam-3-year-old (4)
Danang employees at the Company's 3rd birthday party
sinh-nhat-simon-viet-nam-3-year-old (3)
Representative of Simon Vietnam at Ho Chi Minh City branch

In addition, Simon Vietnam has also carried out a number of volunteer activities to share and contribute to society on the occasion of its 3rd birthday. The first activity is the program "Let's give a drop of rose", to call for call employees to volunteer blood and spread the message "a drop of blood given, a life saved".

sinh-nhat-simon-viet-nam-3-year-old (3)
Simon Vietnam employees at Hanoi Office participate in donating blood at the Central Institute of Hematology and Blood Transfusion

To send love and encouragement to students in highland and remote areas to overcome difficulties and study well. Simon Vietnam has also cooperated with charity organizations to donate old items such as clothes, books... This is also Simon Vietnam's message "Kindness, no matter how small, never is a waste.” 

Simon's Day 2023 (2)
The program "Simon 2023 - Sharing Festival" takes place at Simon Vietnam offices and factories

Sports are also activities that are always encouraged and performed weekly at Simon Vietnam with the hope that each employee always has physical and mental health. On the occasion of the Company's 3-year birthday, employees enthusiastically participated in 3km running/walking activities.


This is the first time all Simon Vietnam employees nationwide have come together to perform a 3km run/walk activity at the park and outdoors. This activity not only helps improve health after a day of work, but also brings a lot of joy, positive energy, and cohesion between siblings when they accomplish goals together.

After 3 years of formation and development, Simon Vietnam has learned and inherited valuable experiences from Simon Global. As a "younger" member in the world in general and at Simon Group in particular, Simon Vietnam is always ready to bring youth and enthusiasm to constantly improve and change to meet customer standards. , NPP and Simon Group.