Spread kindness with "Simon 2023 - Sharing Festival"

With the desire to share and spread warmth to children and families in difficult circumstances in the highlands, Simon Vietnam has maintained cooperation with E2K and UCS organizations for two consecutive years. This is part of the company's series of volunteer activities on the occasion of its 3rd birthday.

Simon Vietnam always believes that “Kindness, no matter how small, is never wasted.”. Therefore, the company has organized many meaningful activities for the community, such as voluntary blood donation, collecting old clothes, books and belongings... After collection, the products were sent to the E2K organization. and UCS to distribute to people in difficult areas and implement other support programs.

Simon's Day 2023 (1)
Simon Vietnam Company donated collected items to E2K organization
Simon's Day 2023 (2)
Office areas donate items to charity organizations

To have such successful programs, Simon Vietnam would like to thank the contributions and enthusiastic responses of all employees at branches in Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, Can Tho, Da Nang and Nha Trang. Hung Yen machine.

Clothes/items have been carefully classified by staff into each type: adults, children, and neatly folded for convenient gifting. Ms. Hoa - TBP Sales Admin called on women to participate in the program with spirit “This is a very meaningful program. Brothers and sisters participate to gain spirit and spread the word. We need many people to join hands, each person needs just a little bit to be precious.".

The boxes of clothes and belongings have been neatly folded, sorted and packed before being sent.

Hopefully the contribution of Simon Vietnam in general and each individual in particular will be a "fire" that will warm the hearts of families in difficult circumstances this winter.

Simon Vietnam believes that community activities not only help employees have more joy and happiness when shared, but also demonstrate responsibility to the environment by extending the life cycle of products. Simon Vietnam also wants to continue to cooperate with E2K and UCS in the coming years to bring "kind" things to many families and situations in need!