The most detailed way to connect the intermediate switch

Switch It is a very important device in the family. Installing the switch so that it is easy to use and convenient for all family members is something that many people are interested in. To serve that purpose, instead of just using conventional toggle switches, intermediate switches have been widely used to provide a simpler and easier electrical experience for modern homes. . Find out with Simon how to connect intermediate switch More details in the article below:

Distinguish intermediate switch and other switch lines

Switches have many different classifications, but we can categorize them by function so that we can easily make an installation choice for the family. This classification divides switch lines into ordinary switches (one-way switches, two-way switches) and intermediate switches, specifically as follows:

One-way switch

This is a device that has a switch with a push button and is attached directly to the light / joystick device. The application of the switch is usually for simple electrical circuits with close proximity to ceiling fans, bedroom lights, etc.

Two-way switch

The two-way switch has a more complicated structure than the one-way switch, but it is very useful and widely used in the home. Especially for homes that use stair lights or ceiling night lights, the experience of a two-way switch will be extremely convenient. The principle of operation of a two-way switch will help a device to be connected at both ends, easily turning on and off flexibly even in two different positions.

Intermediate switch

For the need to control the device from 3 different positions, you should choose the intermediate switch for your home. This switch is very flexible, safe to use, but its installation is more sophisticated than other switch lines.

How to connect the intermediate switch

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The principle of operation and how to connect the intermediate switch

In essence, the intermediate switch is a 2-way switch that is connected and installed according to a certain electrical diagram. Therefore, the electrical panel of the intermediate switch type needs to be knowledgeable and skilled in order to avoid short-circuited wiring.

The intermediate switch consists of four terminal connections to change the current from one circuit to another. The connection and operation of the intermediate switch are illustrated as follows:

how to use intermediate curves 1 2
Circuit diagram of the intermediate switch

The circuit consists of a two-way switch at each end (upper; lower switch) and an intermediate switch in the middle. All three switches are connected to each other by a three-core cable and a ground wire. Note that the wires connecting to the terminals are wired straight through the intermediate switch using a cable connector.

All ground wires must connect to the ground terminal in the back panel of the switch. So if you are using a metal switch there must be a loop from the power ground terminal to the ground terminal on the switch plate.

how to use intermediate curves 4 1
The illustration shows the wiring diagram of the intermediate switch

This circuit can be expanded into a switch with four, five, etc. different locations by adding additional intermediate switches anywhere along the control cable.

how to use the intermediate curve 3 2
Illustration of wiring diagram with multiple locations

On the market today, Simon is providing many models of intermediate switches with diverse sizes and unique designs. The product lines ensure to bring comfort to the living space and enhance the architecture with sophistication and meticulousness in every detail. Especially, the applicability of the Simon switch product lines has been proven in high-end projects and projects such as Vinhomes Grand Park, Flamingo Dai Lai, Mipec Rubik 360, etc., as well as favorite apartments and houses. Modern and luxurious lifestyle.

mediator (3)
A product line of Simon intermediate switches with trendy design

It should be noted that the installation and electrical connection of the intermediate switch is not too complicated, but it is easy to confuse the electrical diagram, so you need to consult or ask for the help of a good electrician when operating. work. In addition, also pay attention to the preparation stage to make sure to clean the dust in the socket base, choose the correct type of power cable.