Rules for arranging switches in the family

Home decoration is one of the important stages, contributing to the beauty of each house. From small decorative objects can greatly affect the beauty of the whole living space. Details such as switches and sockets are always focused on arranging a reasonable number and location from the very beginning because this is a difficult system to modify when it has gone into the wall and has a great influence on the activities of the whole family. family. Let's learn with Simon in detail how to calculate and arrange switches in the family through the following article.

Calculate the appropriate number of switches

To calculate and arrange the appropriate number of switches for household use, you need to pay attention to some of the following information:

  • First, you need to make a list of the equipment you need to buy or the devices that 80% will buy within the next few years so that you can build a suitable overall layout.
  • Second, determine the installation location based on the family's living habits. For example, homes with young children or elderly people need to place the switch in a place that is within easy reach. Areas such as the kitchen need to be placed higher, or far away from the sink…
  • Third, pre-determine waiting devices such as washing machines, water heaters, microwave ovens, etc. to design a suitable location for these devices.

Rules for arranging switches in the family

1. porch

The porch is the first place you walk into when you get home. Therefore, it is advisable to equip a separate switch right here to conveniently turn it on and off when it is dark instead of combining with the switches in the living room as before.

2. Kitchen

The kitchen is the space with many electrical appliances in the home. Normally, the switch in the kitchen is often combined with an electrical outlet, especially, for electrical appliances that are usually in standby state such as dishwashers, microwave ovens, ovens, etc. The switches are located near the sink. /faucet, care should be taken to place it higher, to avoid the ingress of steam, which affects the life of the product.


3. Living room

The number of switches in the living room is determined by the number and type of lights used. Spotlights, downlights, chandeliers, decorative lights… are popular products to decorate the living room. You should separate the switch of each light with different switches so that it is easy to create the right lighting scenario. In addition, it is necessary to calculate the TV socket, transceiver ... so that it is most convenient and aesthetic.

4. Bedroom

With the bedroom space, there are not too many lighting devices, just need to install 1-2 double control switches at the bedside position, 01 switch creates decorative lighting effect; Placing the double control switch of the chandelier or ceiling light next to the bedroom door will be convenient for living.


5. Toilets

The bathroom needs a switch to separately control the hot water system, heater and other bathroom equipment, and can individually turn on and off the front mirror light, exhaust fan and ceiling light. In this way, you can clearly separate the “dry zone from the wet zone”, which is very convenient and safe to use.

As such, the number of switches in your home is only determined when you have a specific number of devices. However, no matter what space you are in, you should follow the above switch layout principles to save installation costs, ensure safety during use and increase the aesthetics of your home. me.

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