Instructions on how to choose the most accurate aptomat for your household

Aptomat is one of the devices present in all construction projects today. Aptomat helps protect electrical equipment and set up electrical systems to operate safely. In particular, household circuit breaker plays an extremely important role. Choosing the right type will limit fire and explosion situations. So, to give the correct answer, let's find out How to choose aptomat through the article below.

Learn about the uses of aptomat 

Aptomat plays an important role in fire and explosion prevention measures, protecting household safety. Device that helps regulate the amount of electricity passing through the electrical power supply system. A properly functioning circuit breaker will identify and turn off the power supply if an electrical overload or short circuit occurs. This will protect your cables and electrical equipment until the problem is resolved and power is restored. 

Aptomat works by protecting a house's electrical wiring from overheating due to an increase in wire temperature. By cutting off the power, the circuit breaker effectively acts as a safety measure to prevent any damage to the devices as well as the entire house.

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Aptomat is a part of electrical control system equipment, maintained in separate housings from other equipment. Families must always ensure the operation of this device by carefully designing the circuit and having separate high-power and low-power parts.

How to choose an circuit breaker for household electrical appliances 

Aptomat used for air conditioning 

Air conditioners are known to have high capacity, besides they also require high amperage. Therefore, if you do not choose the appropriate type of circuit breaker, it will be easily damaged during low voltage fluctuations. Voltage and current have an inverse relationship with each other, meaning that when the voltage decreases, the current increases and therefore generates heat, easily causing an electrical fire if the current is not stopped immediately.

Additionally, if other appliances are connected to the same circuit as the air conditioner, the current may exceed the circuit's handling capacity and thus the circuit breaker will trip. This is the main reason why your air conditioner needs a separate circuit breaker.

In addition to safety, the convenience aspect should also not be overlooked. If the air conditioner is connected to the main circuit breaker, other areas of your home will lose power if the air conditioner circuit breaker trips. Having a separate breaker for it will position itself to trip the device without affecting other areas.

how-to-aptomat (4)Based on capacity, there are different ways to choose aptomat:

  • Air conditioner with 9000Btu - 2637W recommended voltage is 8 - 12A.
  • Air conditioner with 12000Btu - 3516W recommended voltage is 16 - 20A.
  • Air conditioners with 18000Btu - 5300W recommended voltage are 20 - 30A.
  • Air conditioner with 24000Btu - 7032W recommended voltage is 30A.

Aptomat used for induction cookers

Using an induction cooker will be safe and limit problems if families install an additional circuit breaker. The reason is because induction cookers do not use push buttons like other cookers, so there is a risk that the induction cooker will turn on due to accidentally touching the touch button, and burning unused cooking equipment can easily occur. . Especially when encountering problems related to warranty or repair, disconnecting the separate power source helps not to affect other electronic devices.

To choose an aptomat for an induction stove, families will rely on the type and capacity of the stove. 

  • If the double induction cooker has a cooking zone with a total capacity of 2000W to 3600W, the 20A aptomat will be the suitable choice.
  • Aptomat 30A is preferred for induction cookers with a total capacity of 3600W or more, which will ensure electrical safety for the family.
  • Stove lines imported from Europe and Japan with an efficiency greater than 7000W can completely choose an aptomat from 30A - 60A. 

Aptomat used for water heaters 

Similar to other tools, water heaters also need to use the appropriate type of circuit breaker. On the market today there are water heaters with capacities of 1500W, 2500W, 3500W or 4500W. The way to choose the appropriate aptomat will be to take the capacity of 220V and get an index larger than 30% compared to the result.  

how-to-aptomat (1)Therefore, with the above calculation, the aptomat for a 1500W water heater will choose the 10A type. 2500W capacity tanks often choose 16A or 20A; A water heater with a capacity of 3500W will use the 25A type or with a capacity of 4500W the 35A aptomat will be used.

Necessary notes when choosing an aptomat

When choosing an aptomat, pay attention to the following factors to ensure optimal safety and protect your home.

First of all, learn carefully about the capacity of the devices in the family. If you do not understand about circuit breaker, you can ask for advice from an electrician or knowledgeable person to buy the right product.

Second, choose aptomat lines from reputable brands on the market. Besides, look for reliable purchasing addresses to ensure the quality of the aptomat.

Above is the information How to choose aptomat for the most accurate household. We hope that readers through this article will choose the right aptomat product for their home.