Design Pavilion “Awake” – Preserving heritage at the same time

Within the framework of the Top 10 Awards Ceremony 2022, the Top 10 Awards Pavilion 2022 exhibition with the message "Awake" held at Dien Hong Flower Garden left an impression on thousands of visitors.

Pavilion – A space to experiment with creativity and innovation

Pavilion is the architectural term for a temporary or permanent structure that allows architects a platform to create different materials and experiment with new architectural forms. It helps to promote unique ideas, transcending the conventions of structural engineering as well as the building materials industry to create and implement.

Pavilion "Awakening" held in Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi introduces to the public 20 typical projects in the categories of Housing and Interior within the framework of the Top 10 Awards 2022. The flower garden campus is more than 120 years old, surrounded by historical works of Hanoi such as: Bac Bo Phu, State Bank of Vietnam, Metropole hotel...

design-ke-pavilion (2)

The square exhibition space is designed around the circular Con Toad fountain at Dien Hong flower garden. The entire exterior of the building is covered with a unique mirror that brings a unique visual effect, creating a sense of space expansion in many dimensions. Images of the surrounding landscape and activities of visitors are like printed silhouettes, kept on the mirrors.

The connection of heritage at the same time

A new test to hit the minds of those who love Hanoi and are interested in the cultural heritage of the capital: the 120-year-old Con Toad fountain suddenly disappeared. Instead, the mirror-wrapped cube encloses this ancient building bearing urban memories, making it temporarily "invisible" if viewed from outside the flower garden.

design-ke-pavilion (3)

This is a design that evokes many feelings for people and visitors when facing issues of cultural values and traditions that are gradually changing and showing signs of interruption in the flow of the times. Mirrors are an expression of glamour, as well as a method of enchanting reflection, bringing people into their own world, of things in the opposite direction. Therefore, the Pavilion has a special attraction, raising the question: If the city has no more heritage to help anchor urban memories, what will our lives be like?

design-ke-pavilion (4)

That badger question is bolded and artistically rendered inside the mirror cube. The circular Con Toad fountain at Dien Hong flower garden is framed in modern scaffolding sets with traditional inclined brick paths and a natural cobblestone garden. In addition, the award-winning works of the Top 10 Awards 2022 are also displayed as showing the harmony of sustainable ideas, understanding the needs, culture, and characteristics of the region, and at the same time carrying out the mission to bring about sustainable development. to humanistic and practical living values, creating quality spaces, respecting the laws of nature and harmonizing with modern needs.

As a brand with a history of more than 100 years, Simon understand the meaningful concerns of the Vietnamese people. Not merely within the framework of a contest, a ceremony or a specific monument, the issue of the past and present, the ancient and the creative has always been a controversial and difficult question. find the solution. Simon wants to contribute a part of efforts to support architects and organizations to preserve the heritage in the hearts of the public.

design-ke-pavilion (1)

Along the way, Simon questioned his moves. As a product line for delicate, timeless architectural works, each switch, socket or light not only has full functionality but also has to bring emotional breath. , inculcating the imprint of the times. It can be said that each product of the Brand is also a symbolic link of the heritage. That is why Simon became a sponsor of the Top 10 Awards 2022 as well as the Top 10 Awards Pavilion 2022 exhibition. We believe that a cultural heritage needs to "live" in even the senses of the people. each person.

The Top 10 Awards Pavilion 2022 exhibition will be open to the public from May 20 to June 4, 2023.