Simon Vietnam LED lighting and electrical equipment was handed over to the flood-resistant house program

After nearly 2 weeks of inspecting, packing and shipping (from 06/06-20/06/2023), thousands of electrical and lighting equipment products of Simon Vietnam were officially handed over. up to 165 flood-proof houses under the previous cooperation program. 

Immediately after confirming the cooperation program, the architects of the Living Fund carefully considered to come up with a product consultation plan to suit local conditions. Based on the requirements set forth, Simon Vietnam team has selected available products, suitable for civil use in the area, including Led Bulb lamps, Led Tubes, Aptomat, negative base, floating base, all kinds of faces, switch beads…

Simon Vietnam officially handed over the funding for the Flood Resistant House program for the category of Electrical Equipment, Lighting Equipment according to the required quantity in 4 areas:

  1. Quang Binh - Bo Trach province: 20 households
  2. Dong Thap - Hong Ngu province: 20 households
  3. Quang Nam - Bac Tra My Province: 50 households
  4. Quang Nam - Nam Tra My province: 75 households.

After being transported to the gathering areas, the Living Fund and Simon Vietnam's representative directly delivered to the households in the gathering area. According to Mr. Mai Van Lan (representative of Simon Vietnam to Bo Trach area, Quang Binh) shared: "It's a bit difficult for me to move to the assembly area because the dirt road is mountainous, so it's not as beautiful as below me. People here are also very industrious, not afraid to work hard about 20 kilometers to come, when receiving electrical equipment, everyone's faces are happy and happy.". Lan also shared, he found this to be a really meaningful activity because "the storm here is very fierce".

simon-viet-nam-tai-tro-chuong-trinh-nha-chong-lu (4)
Mr. Mai Van Lan (representative of Simon Vietnam) and people in Quang Binh province
simon viet nam 2 scaled
Mr. Tran Vo Nguyen Dien (representative of Simon Vietnam) in Dong Thap area
simon viet nam tai chi song Nha chong lu 3
People are excited and happy to receive electrical equipment in Quang Nam area

Supported households are all poor in the locality and have the desire to build a more sustainable "home" by their own commitment, relying on a part of the support resources of the Flood-resistant House program.

As the information is provided, from the beginning of 2023, the houses of the Flood Control House are in the stage of completing the basic infrastructure and moving to complete the interior of lights, electricity and other systems in June and July. . Therefore, Simon VN quickly urges warehousing and transportation to quickly deliver products to households.

In the next stage, the architects of the Anti-Flood House and the local staff of the Hanh Phuc Village will coordinate with the people to install the equipment in the most optimal way, ensuring the effective and safe use. whole. It is expected that the housing works of the Flood Control House can be completed in August and people can use the lighting and electricity system right after.

simon viet nam tai chi song Nha chong lu 1
Synthesize the representative image of Simon Vietnam and the Living Fund directly handing electrical equipment and lighting equipment to people in areas

With the available values and resources, Simon Vietnam has completed the sponsorship to the Flood Resistant House program, helping people in disaster-affected areas rebuild their own homes, durable. more stable, safer, firmly through the storm and flood season. This is also the mission that Simon Vietnam aims to improve the quality of people's lives with light and convenience from electricity.

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