Let's give roses together - Simon 2023

In order to continue and promote the spirit of blood donation to save lives, and at the same time spread good values to the community, from November 17 to November 20, 2023, many Simon Vietnam employees participated in the donation program. volunteer blood “Simon 2023 – Sharing a drop of roses”. This is one of the meaningful community activities on the occasion of the company's 3rd birthday celebration.

Donating blood is a noble gesture, demonstrating each individual's responsibility to the community. "One drop of blood given, one life left behind" is a saying that has inspired many employees to participate in the program. The drops of blood we give not only help save the lives of others, but also give them faith and strength.

This blood donation event attracted the enthusiastic participation of many Simon Vietnam employees from office branches and factories. This is a testament to the community spirit and willingness to give good values of Simon Vietnam employees.

Simon-2023-cung-trao-giot-hong (3)
Employees of the Offices: Hanoi, Da Nang, HCM and the Factory participated in the activity.
Simon-2023-cung-trao-giot-hong (1)
Employees at VPHN excitedly participated in donating blood at the Central Institute of Hematology and Blood Transfusion

In addition, participating in voluntary blood donation is also a way for employees to check and monitor their health: Receive free health examinations and consultations, be examined and informed of blood test results. 

Ms. Hang - Consultant of Hanoi Project Department shared: "I don't remember how many times I've donated blood, but it still feels like the first time. I'm nervous and worried, but thinking that I can save people is extremely exciting." 

Simon-2023-cung-trao-giot-hong (4)
Employees in HCM participate in blood donation

Mr. Le Viet Trung - HCM Office said: “Donating blood not only saves other people's lives, but you also have the opportunity to check if your body is healthy, so I strongly support this program!”

Simon-2023-cung-trao-giot-hong (2)
Employees in Da Nang participate in blood donation

Although there are many people in the company who are still worried and a little scared because it is the first time registering, they are still willing to register to donate blood to contribute a small part to saving more lives. Thank you for the enthusiasm, enthusiasm and readiness of all Simon Vietnam employees. 

Hopefully this act of kindness can spread this to those around us so that each patient will have more faith and hope of being saved. 

Simon Vietnam 2023 – Let's give roses!