Simon Group and regional leaders visit and work at Simon Vietnam

During three days from September 20 to September 22, 2023, the Simon Group and regional Board of Directors visited and worked at Simon Vietnam - a young member of the powerful Simon family. This is an annual activity of Simon Group to enhance understanding, cohesion and cooperation among members of the system. 

ban-lanh-dao-simon-tap-doan-and-area-sightseeing-va-lam-viec-tai-simon-viet-namThis visit was attended by Chairman of the Board of Directors and CEO Simon Holding-Mr.Esteban Bretcha together Mr. Marc Perez Domedel – Simon CEO Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) and Mr. Joao Gomes – Simon Sales Director Latin America. Simon Vietnam's leadership team welcomed us warmly and worked together effectively, actively discussing important issues.

ban-lanh-dao-simon-tap-doan-and-area-sightseeing-va-lam-viec-tai-simon-viet-namAccording to schedule, on September 21, Simon Group's Board of Directors visited Simon Vietnam's factory, machinery, logistics, and workshops. After the visit, the two sides discussed the Factory operation, research and product development (R&D) orientation of Simon Vietnam. The group and regional leadership shared and suggested suitable products in the Vietnamese market for development in 2024.

ban-lanh-dao-simon-tap-doan-and-area-sightseeing-va-lam-viec-tai-simon-viet-namOn the next day, the Board of Directors visited Simon Vietnam's Hanoi office and had a discussion on the overall business strategy for 2024. The sharing session took place enthusiastically and there was enthusiastic Q&A between the parties. Aims to optimize costs and improve business efficiency. 

Through sharing of Mr. Marc and Mr. Joao, Simon Vietnam has learned a lot of valuable experience on how to improve, develop models, overcome difficulties and barriers in business operations in other regions such as Latin America and Europe.. Simon's corporate and regional leadership also expressed excitement and praise for the products and business model at Simon Vietnam. 

ban-lanh-dao-simon-tap-doan-and-area-sightseeing-va-lam-viec-tai-simon-viet-namThe year 2023 marks the 3-year milestone of Simon Vietnam's formation and development in the context of a difficult economy. However, with the support of the group and regional Board of Directors, along with the efforts of employees, Simon Vietnam has long-term, clear and specific directions and promises to develop strongly in the coming years. next year. 

Simon Vietnam wishes to continue to maintain good relationships and close cooperation with members of the Simon system and create many opportunities to interact, learn, and exchange with other members over the years. next.

The September 2023 business trip left many good impressions and brought a lot of value to both sides. This is a testament to the cohesion, cooperation and learning for the development benefits of Simon Group members.