Design space with accent lighting

If you are too bored with your living space, you probably need a change. It could be a few paintings, some repainting of the walls or even a redesign of the lighting with a different art installation. Currently, Simon has many types of luxurious and sophisticated lighting that help bring soul to the space. Let's learn how to create highlights for your home with lighting installation methods through the article below.

How important is light?

In life, light plays a particularly important role. Natural light helps people interact with the world and feel the beauty of all creatures. Light warms the earth and provides energy for the photosynthetic processes of plants. 

In the modern world, artificial light is created to bring conveniences, helping people live easier. Light is applied in all fields from interior design, transportation, healthcare, communications or technology, etc. Due to the development of society as well as the needs of a rich material life, lighting has also been improved. advanced to adjust to suit the user's health as well as create art that touches human emotions.

Distinguish popular lighting methods today

Phrases about lighting methods are quite difficult to distinguish. However, identifying the differences between them will make the interior space lighting design more optimal.

Overall lighting

This is a wide-angle lighting method, so the amount of light emitted is stable and pleasant. Creating the total amount of light for the common space is likened to the first color coating of the interior. The colors that appear will clearly reveal the layout and environment. The high level of diffusion also makes the space bright and ensures convenient and safe human activities.

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However, because it is general lighting, it is inevitable that the lights will affect areas that need space for relaxation and rest. To solve this problem, lamps that change light color and integrate dimmers, adjusting color intensity according to common living rhythms are extremely popular. That is also the way to balance human biological rhythms that high-end lighting companies are focusing on developing.

Specialized lighting

Unlike general lighting, specialized lighting helps improve users' alertness and ability to concentrate. Factors to ensure will be a specialized lighting system that does not cause glare or flicker. 

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Office spaces, classrooms, and warehouses always need lamps with high luminous flux and narrow lighting angles to focus on a fixed point to help users improve concentration.

Lighting creates accents

While the previous two lighting methods focus mainly on function, accent lighting focuses on aesthetics. The space will increase its artistic appeal with appropriate lighting arrangements and installations.

A beam of light at a certain point increases the attraction of the lighting object. Thanks to that, positions that need to increase sophistication and create style will be highlighted more attractively. 

The application of these types of lamps is increasing day by day. For apartments, accent lights highlight valuable details, increasing the magic of paintings or a classic ceramic vase. Every detail will be highlighted to increase the beauty of the room's interior.

In addition, accent lighting is also widely used in exhibition spaces and museums. Thanks to that, unique architecture and unique display objects will be more attractive, sexy and attractive.

Design space with accent lighting

The beauty of the space is enhanced by light colors. Living rooms, showrooms, and exhibition areas are ideal locations to concentrate these types of lighting.

With types spotlight Simon, the space will be enhanced with art and elegance. A ceiling-mounted spotlight can highlight the living room furniture, dressing table, and mysterious entrance and evoke curiosity. Besides, with the beam spotlight, small highlights also create the "expensiveness" of the space, adding to the valuable experience.

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However, accent lighting should not be confused with local lighting. Accent lighting focuses on small details, so it is very focused on hue and angle. Accent lighting is often used to direct and emphasize the focus of human vision on a certain point or cluster of elements in the interior, thereby highlighting the importance of areas in the space. time.

In particular, the light that creates the brightest highlight plays an extremely important part in perfecting the emotion. Accent lighting is mainly used for fixation, dotting, visual balance, honoring the many values created in the project or simply expressing the personality of the homeowner/designer. Simon provides lighting solutions that help bring creative, inspiring spaces to users.

Spotlights, ceiling lamps or table lamps are the types of lighting devices most used in creating light spots, but in addition to the solution of using spotlights, designers also vary many other solutions such as limiting the use of spotlights. Use lights in construction so that local light from downlights can also be used as a type of spot light.

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