RCU Simon Room Controller – Smart Hotel Solution

Room control unit system - RCU for short is an intelligent interactive device that connects each room in the hotel with a server, helping to enhance the guest experience and improve efficiency. energy use in luxury hotels with full service by implementing centralized control management of key electrical appliances in the room such as lights, switch, socket, air conditioner, curtain...


1. Advantages of RCU . room controller

Improve management efficiency

Through real-time communication between the subsystems and the server, the data or request from the guest room is quickly sent to the receiving computer, after which the customer service center can process the information. timely. This is convenient for hotel operators to manage and maintain hotel rooms in a scientific and efficient way.


Save energy and costs

Reduce energy and operating costs through intelligent control of air conditioners, curtains and exhaust fans; effectively control light and avoid waste through power plugs, infrared sensors, door contacts, etc.

Bring comfort to customers

A hospitable hotel is an exceptional getaway and offers top service. Amenities or services should be activated immediately upon arrival and when they are needed, but without disturbing them in private time.

Guests can enjoy the comfort of living or working space through remote control of smart terminals.


Image: Server layout for each room

2. Simon RCU Room Controller – Smart Hotel Solution

User comfort


Using the Simon RCU system, your business can improve the quality of service. For example, the Simon room control system can adjust the room temperature and humidity to a comfortable level for guests by system programming and sensor detection. With centralized monitoring of room status from reception, room service requests can be received and delivered without disturbing your guests.

Synchronized solution

You can enjoy the original beauty from the range of switches and sockets to lighting, as the Simon RCU system works perfectly with your existing lighting and switches. This can greatly reduce the problems that arise in system adaptation.

Room controller rcu

Cost savings

RCU Simon can automatically turn off the lights and the air conditioning system (Heating, Ventilating, and Air Conditioning – HVAC) without inconvenience to guests. With a pre-installed “Welcome” mode, Simon's room control system will turn on the room's HVAC, lights and curtains upon check-in; Turn off lights and HVAC when guests leave the room.

Simon's room control systems offer a cost-effective solution for hoteliers who are ready to operate efficiently without sacrificing guest comfort.

Integrated system

We understand that a system that seamlessly works between the room control system, the HVAC system and the hotel management system is fundamental for hoteliers. The Simon RCU system is flexible for integration with diverging systems manufactured by other independent companies. As a result, the Simon room control system has the ability to work seamlessly with the HVAC system and hotel management software.