Advanced hotel management with RCU Simon . system

Modern hotels are increasingly upgraded in terms of facilities, services as well as management systems. Understanding the needs of investors, RCU system Simon (Room control unit) has been researched and developed to maximize the coordination and management of high-end resort projects. Let's learn and discover about this superior product line through the article below.

What is smart hotel management?

If you are familiar with the smart hotel definition, you are mostly approached by location from customers. Interpreted in this respect, the hotel needs to ensure the element all in one ie customers will experience all room amenities through a single point. That point can be a remote control, a smartphone or a connected smart tool. As a result, guests can conveniently use the equipment, freely and easily control the space during the booking period.

He Thong RCU Simon

Besides the aspect of customers, smart management at resort locations must also ensure cost optimization criteria, helping investors control arising problems in the most effective way. Therefore, the solution needed by hotels is a RCU . system manage.

One touch, many connections

Compatibility is one of the factors that hotel owners care about. It ensures convenience, the transmission line from the devices in the room to the total management device is streamlined, easy to monitor, view reports and adjust from the center. Even with the development of modern technology, intelligent RCU system can work on any device if have access. So, no matter where you go, wherever you are, the competent person can easily make decisions to operate the hotel system smoothly.

Create a comfortable customer experience

Indeed, from a center with pre-existing settings, guests will feel completely comfortable when staying in a space with a modern RCU hotel management system. That's because the automatic settings make the curtains, air conditioners, and lighting match the environmental conditions in the room and the human circadian rhythm. Besides, customer needs will be met promptly when RCU combines SOS, cleaning, do not disturb, check-out, etc. 

He Thong RCU Simon

Energy saving

The intelligent RCU manager allows hotels to maximize energy savings. It allows to automatically turn off all electricity when leaving the room or control the temperature, curtains, and ventilation fans to be adjusted appropriately by a smart sensor system. These are the great benefits that investors can see from RCU most clearly.

Hotel Solutions RCU Simon

To meet the consumer needs of high-end hotel projects, Simon offers a convenient synchronous solution. Hotel owners will get a management system equipped from az with full electrical equipment, high-class and smart lighting equipment.

Full suite of hotel solutions

Not stopping at a single RCU set, hotel owners will have access to switches, sockets, lights, curtain regulators, fans, and air conditioners. The common unification from one supplier will make hotels increase the plus points in terms of design, optimal operation and easier management.

He Thong RCU Simon

Superior information management and interaction

The Simon RCU system has the ability to transmit information tightly and quickly. Through TCP/IP network and software upgrades, connectivity technology, the speed of information communication between rooms and control centers is now more accurate and stronger. Thanks to that, the hotel manager can promptly handle the arising, enhancing the valuable and memorable experience of the guests.

Sustainable management RCU system

Perhaps the worry of most investors when installing a modern management system is the complicated operation process and frequent upgrades and modifications. This is committed to the RCU Simon system for complete and optimal administration. Just install and install it once, the experts of the Brand will have support and guidance to ensure the correct use of the needs and utilities for each competent department of the hotel.

Besides, the Simon RCU system does not need to be upgraded during the operation of a hotel project. This does not mean that the RCU has to be fixed with a certain number of management room systems, the investor can completely replace, add or remove electrical equipment and lighting equipment if required by increasing / reduce the connection ports. 

With a qualified R&D team with extensive industry experience, Simon asserts its position as a brand providing smart hotel management solutions. We are committed to accompanying high-class projects and works, bringing sublime experiences to investors and customers.

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