Simon Vietnam spirit through recycled products

In the competition “Simon Vietnam Integration” was held in Hanoi on the occasion of Simon Vietnam Company's 2nd birthday, the performance with the theme Recycling won the Unique Award – the highest award of the contest. The products are highly appreciated and given a perfect score by all members of the Jury.

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The author of the excellent performance – team Sunmax spent a lot of time working together to perfect a set of 7 products, each of which has a different name and meaning. That moved and made a strong impression on the Board of Directors and all employees because the products not only show love for the Company but also inspire and inspire pride in each product. products that no one had thought of before. General Director Tran Thanh Hai shared: “I want the entire product to carry this meaningful message to rotate through all of Simon Vietnam's branch offices and factories.”

The products not only excellently represent the unique idea of turning lamps into objects that represent the development wishes of the business, but also demonstrate the spirit of recycling and social responsibility for the environment.

Simon Vietnam spirit through recycled products

Turning products from broken and unusable items into useful decorations shows the awareness and desire to protect the environment because the recycling action is extremely simple but also requires a lot of care. Creativity, patience and ingenuity.

Starting from a visit to Simon Vietnam's factory once, Ms. Huong in Sunmax's room saw expired or damaged products, technical defects were put in a corner and are waiting for handling. However, from the outside, the products still look new and I think they can be recycled into meaningful items from these items. She came up with a decoration idea to create products to display for the competition “Simon Vietnam Integration” and called for the establishment of a fund for the company's community. All funds raised will be donated to the foundation "Heart of Love" to carry out the next Simon Vietnam charity programs. The performance was highly welcomed and supported by the Board of Directors because it showed both the compassionate spirit of contributing to society and the responsibility for the environment of Simon Vietnam.

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Recycling brings many benefits to the person/business doing the recycling. The message that the Sunmax team wants to convey is not only about the desire to recycle and protect the environment, but also speaks to the spirit of Simon Vietnam, ready to integrate, dare to overcome challenges, seize opportunities to develop far.

It is also the name of the products that are vividly expressed with the meanings: "IMPORTANT - GROWTH - OPPORTUNITY - CONNECTION - DEVELOPMENT - STRONG - SUCCESSFUL COOPERATION".

Let's take a look at the set of seven Recycled products with their meanings below!


The product is made from a downlight to celebrate Simon Vietnam 2 years old.


Meaningful: The product is small but carries a great meaning that is marking the 2nd age on the beautiful S-shaped country strip. If the red rose represents intense love, the pink rose represents sincerity, a rose expresses gratitude, thanks and admiration.

Product 2: GROWTH

The school lamp is recycled and designed into a two-tiered flowerpot, representing strong growth.

cover 3


The opportunity to cooperate between the Sunmax electric lamp and the lavender girl - the flower is known as the most beautiful girl in the world with its purity, beauty and passionate fragrance, captivating people's hearts. make a great product. Thanks to its fancy and delicate purple color and sweet, moving fragrance, lavender is loved by many people.

cover 4

Meaningful: The message the product brings to everyone "If there is a chance, let's cooperate."


A lamp mounted from aluminum and plastic lampshade has been cleverly created to create a beautiful and outstanding decorative lamp.

5 . cover

Meaningful: Products want to send people the message: "In life, it's not that all the use value is meaningless, it's just that we haven't promoted and connected it to become meaningful."


The image of a dinosaur representing longevity and strength is above the sunflowers, a symbol of the sun, representing authority and long-term development.

6 . cover

Product 6: STRONG

Taking advantage of the bulb's shade, the downlight base is combined with stone flowers - a flower that symbolizes strength.

Stone flowers represent resilient vitality because this plant has strong vitality, adapts to harsh weather and habitats. Even if we are heartless, oblivious, they still grow well and bloom brilliantly.

cover 1

Meaning: Everything in our life has a solution, as long as you are brave enough to face it, everything can be overcome. Live like a stone flower to survive, be resilient, strong, fall, then get up and move on, in the future you will receive good things and desired results.


As the team's most dedicated and special product, the product is utilized from the lampshade of the bulb, the PVC conduit and the downlight.

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Meaningful: Boats with sails stretching the wind to surf the sea show the will of man to always want to conquer the sea and conquer successfully. In addition to the symbolic meaning of leaders who want to reach the heights, it also represents the smooth sailing to overcome all challenges to victory.

The image of three brands Simon, Roman, and Sunmax shows the spirit of cooperation between Vietnam and Spain. Simon Vietnam is a combination of colorful Spain and a dynamic Vietnam to create quality products with different values.

Simon Vietnam, together with the market understanding and the inheritance of the achievements of the global Simon group, are ready to go together on a boat to overcome difficulties and conquer all new heights.