Simon in Viet Nam

Simon is a well-known global brand for providing electrical appliances, lighting equipment and smart ecosystems. Born in 1916 in Spain, up to now, Simon has been present in 90 countries with 15 production plants located in 10 countries around the world.

Simon brand approaches the Vietnamese market with products manufactured in Spain, China and Simon Vietnam factories. Products made in Vietnam are designed and fine-tuned to suit the tastes and consumption habits of Vietnamese people.

Simon pioneers in creating products with luxurious design, flexible functions, and durable quality because the brand focuses on aesthetic value and use value in each product. Over the past 100 years, Simon has continuously researched and innovated and has owned more than 100 patents and been awarded more than 60 international design awards. In Vietnam, Simon focuses on 04 main categories are Electrical Equipment, Led Lighting Equipment, Smarthome Equipment and Smart Room System RCU.

All Simon products undergo rigorous testing with European standards on the world's leading machinery system before reaching the market because we aim for perfection in each product. As a result, the life of the products goes hand in hand with time, saving replacement and repair costs.

Besides quality and functionality, Simon focuses on the design of each model, from the smallest details. We aim to be minimalist but trendy, gentle but delicate so that each product, not only an ordinary electrical device, but also a decorative item, breathes life into each space, exalting luxury. , class for each house.

In Vietnam, Simon has accompanied thousands of 5-star projects, and officially has a branch and factory from 2021. With a history of more than 100 years, in the coming time, Simon will surely It will certainly bring a new breath of light in lighting technology and create a leading smart hotel and housing ecosystem for the Vietnamese market.

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