Simon Vietnam proudly inherits from its 100-year heritage and strengthens its connection

Simon is an industrial group specializing in providing lighting technology solutions, lighting control, connection equipment and electrical equipment, established in 1916, with headquarters in Barcelona, Spain. Dental. After more than 100 years of establishment and development, Simon is now present in more than 90 countries with 15 production plants, based in 16 countries. Simon Vietnam is proud to be Simon's 15th factory globally.

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Simon's innovation and development is evidenced by many international awards such as the IF Design Award and the IF Gold Award Fluvia Loop in recent years from 2017 to 2022. The iF Design Award is an award. The oldest independent design award in the world and a symbol of outstanding design achievements focused on the creative power of design.

Currently, Simon is present globally, providing products and services of electrical appliances, lighting equipment, smart devices... bringing high quality, unique and impressive experiences to customers around the world. world, including Vietnam.

Simon is globally renowned for his commitment and willingness to cooperate. Expanding the network and always learning and adapting well to the local culture in each region has helped Simon become an organization with effective cooperation, leading in the manufacturing and distribution of electrical equipment – Lighting equipment.

As a new member of the mighty Simon Group, Simon Vietnam inherits the brand value, technology transfer, management system, technical research and development achievements and ensures product standards according to the standards. rule “Many factories, one quality”.

Mr.Esteban Bretcha gave an interview at Simon Vietnam Factory
Mr.Esteban Bretcha gave an interview at Simon Vietnam Factory

According to the CEO of Simon Holding – Mr. Esteban: “Simon Group has a lot of experience that is very useful to Simon Vietnam in marketing, human resource management, organization support planning for future growth of the company. Unfortunately, in the first two years of operation, we encountered many restrictions due to the COVID epidemic causing many restrictions on travel and this created a slight delay in the transfer of technology and processes from Xi'an. delegation to Simon Vietnam, as well as learning from Simon Vietnam for other members of the Simon group.”

In 2023, although there are still many difficulties and the economy has not fully recovered, the opening of countries promotes communication and connection among group members in different fields. After 3 days working at Simon Vietnam, Mr. Esteban commented “In fact, this trip is one of the connections and the Group wants to push it further, so that the transfer of successful operating models, knowledge and processes is already available to other regions, and Surely this will bring many benefits.”

Simon Apac's Board of Directors (Asia - Pacific) and Mr.Esteban visited and worked at Simon Vietnam Factory in March 2023
Simon Apac's Board of Directors (Asia - Pacific) and Mr.Esteban visited and worked at Simon Vietnam Factory in March 2023

Over the past 2 years, Simon Vietnam has been and still is trying to learn the business model and strategy that is most evident through the comprehensive restructuring of the organization from personnel to operational processes to achieve efficiency. higher. Many employees said that the business is undergoing many changes, moving towards professionalism, so it requires more specialized knowledge and higher skills. This is the motivation and at the same time an opportunity for the Company's personnel to develop themselves, ready to change to become a global citizen. In the coming time, Simon Vietnam will focus on intensive training and increase exchanges, learning and exchange of experiences with members of the global Simon group.

The visit to Simon Vietnam in March 2023 was not only attended by the Group's Board of Directors – Mr.Esteban Bretcha, but also by the Simon Apac Regional Board (Asia-Pacific). This is an important milestone showing the interest, connection and learning among Simon regions. The Board of Directors of the Group and the region said that Simon Vietnam has really matured and has many development prospects in the future!