Simon Vietnam agrees to overcome COVID 

The Covid pandemic once again returned to Vietnam and affected the entire economy as well as social activities. Although we have experienced in the prevention, control and treatment of epidemics since many previous waves, in the face of complicated developments of virus variants, Vietnam still faces many challenges and difficulties. Simon Vietnam is no exception, this pandemic has affected all activities of the Company. 

However, the Board of Directors of Simon Vietnam commented: We cannot control the epidemic absolutely, but we need to determine to live with it for a long time with the motto: "Prevention is basic, long-term strategy, combat is important, regular". Therefore, the Board of Directors always closely, flexibly adjusts the operation plan to ensure uninterrupted production and business activities, and strives to meet the orders in the fastest and sufficient areas. blocked, adjusted sales policy to best support Distributors and Agents nationwide.


In order to "live together" with Covid, proactively dealing with unpredictable developments of the disease, all employees of Simon Vietnam strive to have the earliest access to the Covid vaccine, quickly creating a safe anti-epidemic shield. In particular, Simon Vietnam has equipped with an extremely important "vaccine", which is the awareness of epidemic prevention, efforts for each employee to become a "frontline soldier", fighting the epidemic is both a responsibility and a responsibility. is the right of every person. Simon Vietnam is determined not to be passive before the current epidemic situation. Instead, each employee needs to actively take necessary measures to prevent the spread of the virus to ensure the health and safety of both individuals and the Company, and always remember that the most important vaccine is the awareness of each individual. People.

Accompanying the Company's Board of Directors, employees nationwide always believe in the direction and direction of the Board of Directors, share difficulties and are determined to accompany Simon Vietnam. The consensus of employees is the most important factor, the key to the company's decision to overcome the pandemic.