Simon Vietnam officially operates the ERP-SAP B1 system

With the criterion of constantly improving and changing to bring practical values to customers, Simon Vietnam always tries to access the most advanced technologies and management software in the world. Therefore, the Company has chosen ERP as a companion software on the path of professionalization. In September 2021, the Company officially successfully operated ERP system-wide.


ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) is enterprise resource planning software. This system allows access to shared internal data to manage the entire operation of the company.

ERP eliminates the separate computer systems in the parts of a business: Finance, Human Resources, Sales, Manufacturing, Warehouse… ERP will replace them with a unified software program divided by segments. different software subsystems and create a unified relationship with each other. ERP software is very flexible in installing modules according to business requirements.

Currently, there are many ERP software providers in the world. However, after researching and considering, Simon Vietnam chose SAP B1 (German club) to accompany on the innovation journey. 

With ERP-SAP B1 software, sales management, purchasing management, warehouse management and financial management are all clearly shown. This helps Simon Vietnam's production activities always run smoothly, ensuring that the supply chain to the market is not broken in any condition. 

In order to be able to go-live the ERP system, the whole system has put in great efforts and concentration over a long period of time because the project implementation process was affected by many objective reasons such as epidemics, epidemics, etc. arise many transactions specific to the type of business of the enterprise. 

It can be said that the operation of the ERP-SAP B1 system created a major turning point in the development process of Simon Vietnam, helping the Company transform itself from a traditional management model to an international and professional model. and more modern. As a result, providing customers with dedicated service, quality products and absolute reliability.