International Women's Day 8/3 full of surprises and interesting

International Women's Day 8/3 is an occasion to dedicate the most cherished feelings and to honor the role of women in life. As a traditional activity, Simon Vietnam sisters are always eagerly waiting for surprises on their special day at the Company.

An activity that received enthusiastic participation from employees across the country was a challenging and interesting online game called "Hello March 8-Give secret gifts". The game is not only for women but all employees can join and if you become a winner, you can send prizes with a message to your favorite female colleagues, thereby creating a surprise the person receiving the gift. Surely women who receive gifts will be extremely happy to receive gifts from someone on this special day.

quoc-te-phu-nu (7)In addition, each office organizes its own activities suitable for each area. Sincere thanks for the thoughtfulness and enthusiasm of Simon Vietnam's men, you have added motivation and spirit to make Simon Vietnam's women more cheerful, radiant, and more enthusiastic to work.

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country 1 scaled

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country 5 1Once again, Simon Vietnam would like to send greetings to all the sisters who are always beautiful - confident - talented, modern women who are not afraid to change, are not afraid to develop and confidently assert their strengths and talents. own.

Happy International Women's Day 8/3 and all the rest of the days are radiant, half the world!