Square socket – A highlight for any space

Currently, instead of using rectangular sockets, it is becoming more and more popular to install square sockets for living spaces. Many consumers evaluate – the square face socket brings a break-out accent, suitable for any space. So what are the outstanding advantages of square face sockets? 


Square face sockets are compact in size and can be installed in many different spaces. Currently, this type of socket is popular and widely used, with a variety of types and different designs for everyone to choose from.

Square socket with convenient design

Square face sockets make the most of the surface area to create products with many different types such as single 2-3 pin sockets, multi-function sockets, sockets combined with switches, sockets. combined with USB connection port… Therefore, bringing convenience during use.

i7 7

Image: Square face socket Series i7

Square socket with exquisite design

If the rectangular socket occupies a lot of installation area on the surface of the space, the square socket can overcome this drawback. Thanks to that compactness and sophistication, the square face socket has long been very popular in the interior design of many Western countries, because it is upgraded to be an item for decoration, not just a device. ordinary electricity.

In addition, every detail on the square face socket is carefully cared for, soft but very liberal, minimalist but extremely modern, light and colorful, helping to bring elegance to the space. installation.

Ensure user safety

With the special design of the socket hole screen and the contact system, the square socket ensures absolute safety during use, especially for children and the elderly.

In addition to the above outstanding features, square face sockets also possess all the same features and advantages as conventional sockets. Therefore, square face sockets are considered a new wind that brings new vitality to each installation space and is gradually becoming a trend in Vietnam.

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