1. Scope of application and subjects of application

– This guide prescribes the basic principles applied in relation to the Simon brand in Vietnam, which is managed by Simon Electrical Equipment Joint Stock Company (Simon Vietnam Company).

– This guide is the basis for building, managing the brand and promoting the image in a uniform manner, avoiding misunderstandings and misrepresentations within the territory of Vietnam.

2. Explanation of words

In these Regulations, the following terms are construed as follows:

– Simon brand is a combination of factors that make up Simon's reputation and competitiveness, expressed in tangible and intangible forms to recognize and promote Simon's image and reputation.

– Simon brand includes: Logo, information, products released from Simon Vietnam Company.

   + Simon logo: the symbol of the protected Simon brand + Simon information: Is the information about the operation of the Simon brand announced by Simon Vietnam Company: Product specifications, Introduction information brand, Announcement of brand activities… on information channels of Simon Vietnam brand: website, fanpage, youtube…+ Simon branded items: are items designed, manufactured and used Used to develop brand and promote Simon's image, containing Simon's logo or products: Poster, Banner, Catalog, Video...

– User is a unit, organization or individual that is allowed to use Simon brand assets in Vietnam with the consent of Simon Vietnam Company: Distributor, Agent, Partner, Application Press and media…

3. User Manual

- Simon logo:

+ Logo must be displayed clearly, sharply, with correct colors and proportions according to instructions.

+ Logo size can be changed to fit the design publication, but must strictly adhere to the following rules:


mau-sac-logos mau-sac-logo-1

 Safe distance:


 Minimum size:




Download Logos: 


Download Logo Positive HERE.

Download Logo Negative HERE.

Information of the Simon brand:

+ Ask for exact, verbatim citations.+ Cite the source clearly.

– Simon-branded items:

+ Use branded items that are accurate, high visibility, formal, and aesthetically pleasing.+ Do not arbitrarily edit without the consent of Simon Vietnam Company.

4. Rights and obligations of users of brand information

– Responsible for preserving the Simon brand during use.

– Fully comply with the regulations of Simon Vietnam Company in the process of using the Simon brand.

– In case Simon Vietnam Company discovers that the use of Simon brand information is incorrect, request the user to comply with the correction/correction/removal of information according to the guidance of Simon Vietnam.

– For cases of intentional misuse of Simon brand information in Vietnam, Simon Vietnam Company will handle it according to relevant provisions of Vietnamese law.

– If the user of brand information arises the need to edit images/information/publications for communication, promotion and sales activities, please contact Simon Sales Officer for support. Information support or Marketing Department of Simon Vietnam Company:

Phone: 0968 111 900


Thank you very much for your understanding and cooperation!