Simon's Full Moon Festival - Welcoming the full autumn

On September 18, the Trade Union Committee of Simon Vietnam Electrical Equipment Joint Stock Company coordinated with the Marketing department to organize a special program - Online Mid-Autumn Festival with the theme “Simon Full Moon Festival – Welcoming the full autumn”. The program received the enthusiastic participation of Simon preschools across the country. 


This year's Mid-Autumn Festival takes place during the period when the whole country is implementing social distancing according to Directive 16, so the direct organization of programs for children cannot take place. Against that background, with the desire to bring a warm, happy program as well as encourage and motivate the children of employees across the country, the program was organized with many fun games and stories. Meaning related to Mid-Autumn Festival. 

At the end of the online Mid-Autumn Festival program, the "Mid-Autumn Festival painting" contest continued to be held for Simon Vietnam preschools, encouraging the children's creative spirit. The pictures sent back all exude cuteness, innocence and humorous views about the Mid-Autumn Festival. 

The special Simon Full Moon Festival has become a beautiful memory for all employees of the Company as well as children in the great Simon Vietnam family.