The Spanish Ambassador affirmed the development potential of Simon Vietnam

Talking about the development potential of Simon Vietnam as well as Spanish companies investing in Vietnam during the visit to Simon Vietnam Factory in March 2023, Ambassador Mrs.Pilar Méndez Jiménez was pleased to talk about the cooperation relationship between the two countries, optimistic that in the future there will be more investment sources from Spain in the Vietnamese market. Besides, grandma Pilar commends products with beautiful designs and high quality of Simon Vietnam Factory. 

Simon Vietnam factory was invested in construction and inaugurated in 0June 4, 2022 – Simon's 15th factory globally. Simon Vietnam factory is a methodical, serious investment and commitment to quality to Vietnamese consumers. 

After nearly a year of deploying and applying technical research achievements from Europe, the factory has strongly implemented many changes and improvements in production and operation in accordance with Vietnam's environmental conditions. Simon Vietnam is gradually asserting its brand in the market of manufacturing and distributing electrical and lighting equipment. 

Daily life of the family is very important for the development of simon in Vietnam

The Ambassador affirmed that quality is the key factor in production and sustainable and long-term development of the Company. After visiting the factory, the Ambassador observed that Simon Vietnam not only invests in quality in products and processes in accordance with European standards through the investment in machinery and equipment, but the business also demonstrates deeply interested in the quality of the staff. A safe working environment, professional working style and modern equipment are the basis for the development of each employee. In fact, the culture in Simon Vietnam always emphasizes human development because human resources are the core factor that creates sustainable and long-term development values of the organization.

Finally, Ms. Pilar emphasized the importance of product quality to Vietnamese consumers: “Because these will be premium products manufactured, meeting high standards and being environmentally friendly. Therefore, the production in Vietnam also brings the quality suitable to the needs and characteristics of the local environment and climate.”


Simon Vietnam is very honored to receive a lot of attention and attention from the Spanish Embassy. Simon Vietnam factory is a typical example of Spain's methodical and serious investment in the Vietnamese market, promising the development and successful cooperation relationship between the two countries.

Thank you Ambassador of Spain – Ms Pilar Mendez Jiménez took the time to visit Simon Vietnam Factory and see you next time!