Simon magnetic card switch – Energy saving solution for hotels

No stranger to hotels, resorts, magnetic card switch It is a popular and useful product line. With the modern specifications and functions that it brings, the magnetic card switch is worthy of class with a luxurious space.

What is a hotel magnetic card switch?

Hotel magnetic card switch Also known as power saving switch. This is the type switch smart, popularly used in high-class hotels and resorts. It can help open and close the power source when placing the magnetic card in the switch to save power consumption effectively.

Magnetic card switches use optical magnets or touch chips. The advantage of the magnetic card switch is its superior power saving ability. Each hotel room usually uses 2000W of electricity/hour. The time when guests do not stay in the room but forget to turn off the electrical equipment will cause great waste. To solve this problem, the hotel will equip a magnetic card that is both the room key and the power to turn on/off when the card is inserted into the magnetic switch. After about 15-30 seconds, the power system will turn off / operate.

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Working principle of magnetic card switch

The hotel magnetic card switch has two main modes of operation:

Optical card switch:

This is a type of switch that uses the light source emitted from the led face to have the corresponding opening / closing. Light is emitted from the emitter and received by the LED side at the receiving eye: When the card is not plugged in, the two eyes can still see each other, when the card is plugged into the two eyes of the transceiver which is obscured and cannot see each other, the circuit is closed. When the card is removed, the two transceiver eyes see each other and receive the card signal has been drawn, at this time the countdown timer will count the seconds, the circuit will be cut off.

Chip card:

Magnetic chip card is the main operation of the hotel magnetic card switch based on inductive chip identification. In each switch will contain a smart card reader chip set. Thanks to that, it will recognize the correct card to open the room door as well as match the door unlock operation, turn on and off the power.

Although the chip has a smooth surface, the internal parameters can be read through the switch. Thanks to that, it helps to quickly activate the power source you use. The strength of this type is that it saves energy and is extremely safe because it is used separately for each room.

Note when using magnetic card switch

The magnetic card switch is very superior and is applied more and more widely. Depending on the purpose and needs of use, there are some lines of cards as follows:

  • Master Card: it can open all rooms in the hotel and has no time limit.
  • Building cards: Used for hotel management, it can open all rooms but set to specify the time.
  • Floor cards: This card is usually issued to housekeeping, housekeeping, has a set time, used to open one or more floors.
  • Guest card: card used for guests to rent the room, can specify the time of the guest's stay, after the expiration date, they will not be able to enter the room.

Although convenient and useful, in the process of installing and using magnetic card switches, there are a few notes to follow:

  • Do not bend or bend magnetic cards: In some magnetic cards there are chip circuits. If the card is deformed, it can break or break these circuits, leading to the inability to open the door or affecting the opening / closing of the electrical connection.
  • Magnetic cards should not be placed near magnets or other magnetically emitting objects. These objects can cause interference, losing the ability to open and close correctly.
  • Store the magnetic card in a dry place, avoid wet places to damage the chip. Besides, when using magnetic cards, care should be taken to avoid sharp objects that scratch the card.

Advantages of card switches from Simon

Simon accompanies high-class hotel and resort projects. The brand's products ensure international standards, bringing a luxurious experience to upper-class customers.

Sophisticated design:

First of all, the design element of the card switch line from Simon. Although simple, the product exudes sophistication with the dominant white color. As a result, it is suitable for any space, creating a highlight for interior design. Models and sizes of Simon magnetic card switches are diverse, which can be flexibly transformed, used with many different works and design styles.

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International quality assurance:

The Simon magnetic card switch ensures sophistication and meticulousness in every detail. Products are made of durable, safe materials, meeting the specifications for high heat resistance, scratch resistance.

In addition, the Simon magnetic card switch has modern product lines, with screws, to help you install easily and conveniently. For high-end hotels and resorts, choosing a card switch from Simon is an option that increases the value of space, showing the class of a luxury resort.

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Simon brings high-quality product lines, creating a convenient living space, serving and meeting the needs of the elite. For more detailed information about the card switch product lines from the hotel, please contact hotline: 0968 111 900 for the best advice and support.