Chairman of the Board of Directors Mr. Esteban believes in the long-term development of Simon Vietnam

During the visit to Simon Vietnam Factory in mid-March 2023, General Director of Simon Holdings, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Simon Vietnam – Mr. Esteban shared a very optimistic feeling after seeing the dramatic change after 1 year of attending the inauguration ceremony in June 2022. Mr. Esteban shared about the long-term vision in the future, Simon Vietnam is very promising because Vietnam is a country with a vibrant economy. Currently, with a team of young and enthusiastic staff, Simon Vietnam is sure to bring high quality products to improve the quality of Vietnamese people's lives.

Mr. Esteeban's meeting with Mr. esteban has reached the end of the year.Looking back at the time when Simon Vietnam Factory was started construction, fell at the peak of the Covid-19 outbreak in Vietnam, causing many difficulties and stagnation, especially production and business activities as well. shrunk and restricted to the minimum operating scale. Instead of choosing to "go slow" to reduce risks, Simon turned threats into opportunities to resolve to improve infrastructure, strengthen human resources and improve work processes. The plan was adjusted in accordance with the regulations on epidemic prevention and control and has been successfully implemented, the completion of the factory construction during the Covid-19 period is a typical example of Simon's bravery and capacity. Vietnam.

The inauguration ceremony of Simon Vietnam Factory took place in June 2022 and soon after, the operation of the Factory system according to the quality management system ISO 9001: 2015 was implemented in the post-pandemic period for see the determination of Simon Vietnam team and the belief of Simon Group Spain in the long-term development in the Vietnamese market.

Simon Vietnam developed and matured in a difficult and volatile period in the market in Vietnam, so Simon still needs time and effort to develop to the expected level. Mr. Esteban thinks that this is a normal thing in the electrical equipment industry - lighting equipment, affirming his belief in the long-term development of Simon Vietnam, Mr. Esteban sends a message to all employees of Simon Vietnam: “Our investment, I would like to reiterate, is a long-term investment. So, what I want to say to Simon Vietnam's employees is that we need to keep trying to act and make efforts because Simon Vietnam's long-term vision ahead is very promising. So we have to be optimistic and keep doing things well. Don't worry because good results will surely come to us."

Mr. Estabean's meeting with Mr. esteban is complete.Up to now, after nearly a year of official operation, the factory has continued to maintain stable operation with the quality management system ISO 9001:2015, clear operating procedures and application of machinery technology. modern production. Mr. Esteban commented: “This year we will focus on strengthening the sales department to be present and dominate the market through marketing activities, to increase brand awareness. For sure, we will see more and more awareness in the market later on and the growth will be at the end of this year and the next 2-3 years is expected to be very strong.”

The belief in the development of Simon Vietnam of Simon Spain Group contributes to boosting motivation and creating great encouragement for all employees to keep trying and moving towards the goals and good results ahead. .

Sincere thanks to Mr. Esteban Bretcha – General Director of Simon Holdings, Chairman of the Board of Directors Simon Vietnam shared!