What is the IK Index? What is the meaning of IK index?

When buying electrical equipment, in addition to paying attention to power, light color, color rendering index, the IK index is also one of the information that many people are interested in. So what is the IK index and what does it mean for electrical equipment?

1. What is the IK Index?

The IK (Impact Resistance) index is an index that evaluates the resistance to external mechanical impacts of the protective housing of electrical equipment.

The level of protection against mechanical impacts is denoted: IK followed by 2 numbers from 00->10 to represent the device's resistance to impact from external agents.

The IK index was adopted and included in the European standard framework EN 62262 with the following regulations:

  • Specifies the methods of testing the impact resistance of electrical equipment.
  • Specify the necessary conditions when performing the inspection.
  • Specify the number of bumps in 1 test.
  • Specify the necessary locations for impact testing.
  • Specifies the design, size, and material of construction of test instruments that produce the required impact energy levels.

2. What is the meaning of IK index?

In normal lighting spaces, the IK index is not too important and does not have much meaning, but for specific lighting spaces with strong vibrations such as on construction sites, factories, manufacturing plants, etc. In heavy industry, on vehicles, the impact resistance index IK is a very important and extremely necessary index. The selection of industrial lighting with the appropriate IK impact resistance helps protect electrical equipment, minimizing the risk of electrical equipment damage.

Here is the meaning of the equivalent IK indicators for the test method using hammer power generation:


IK joule impact energy Equivalent impact
00 No protection Not tested
01 0,15 Drop 200g from 7.5cm
02 0,2 Drop 200g from 10cm
03 0,35 Drop 200g from 17cm
04 0,5 Drop 200g from 25cm
05 0,7 Drop 200g from 35cm
06 1 Drop 500g from 20cm
07 2 Drop 500g from 40cm
08 5 Drop 200g from 29.5cm
09 10 Drop a 5kg object from 20cm
10 20 Drop 5kg from 40cm

To ensure the correct installation of the light system in an environment subject to many impacts such as vibrations and shocks, we need to evaluate the maximum possible impact energy level, from which to choose the LED lights with the highest possible index. IK is suitable. Avoiding lamp failure, causing unnecessary wasteful repair and maintenance costs.

3. Introducing some typical Simon products that meet IK standards

Simon provides solutions for lighting public spaces. During the design process, Simon kept safety and maximum efficiency in mind, integrating nature into the urban landscape, ensuring the perfect balance between design and function.

LED display

Simon LED street light meets IK . standard

Simon Street Lights is one of the popular lighting solutions in public places because of its many preeminent features. The lamp has a special design that facilitates the escape of water vapor so as not to affect the LED chip, allowing self-cleaning and maintaining light performance over time. Simon street lights provide uniform light, similar to natural light and ensure maximum safety for pedestrians. The lamp shell is made of monolithic die-cast aluminum with good impact resistance, helping to increase the life of the product, reducing replacement and repair costs during use. That's why the product Widely used in street lighting, parking lots, highways...


Simon factory lights meet European standards, good impact resistance

Besides LED street lights, Simon factory lights specifically designed for industrial environments. The lamp is made from die-cast aluminum to make the product durable with a lifespan of up to 50,000 hours. Products resistant to mechanical impacts are considered the perfect choice for lighting warehouses, factories, factories, etc. to create a safe working environment and improve working productivity.