“Burning Enthusiasm, Burning Passion” – Teambuilding Simon Vietnam

In April, employees throughout the offices of Simon Vietnam had interesting moments with their teammates in Teambuilding activities - the company's annual activity.

Participating in Teambuilding activities not only brings excitement with laughter to help relieve stress, but also helps employees understand better about teammates and corporate culture. This is a bonding activity, promoting consensus, cooperation, and improving teamwork among all employees of the Company's departments.

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Many memorable experiences and team impressions were recorded, creating beautiful memories and boosting the working spirit of all employees.

Simnon's office is located in 4 provinces, so for the convenience of employees, team activities are organized by region. The corporate office in Hanoi participates in meaningful Team Building activities at Thao Vien Resort. Next to Da Nang, employees have Japanese-style experiences at MIKAZUKI Japanese Resorts & Spa. Meanwhile, employees in Ho Chi Minh area have games to practice teamwork at the Golden Scorpion eco-tourism area. Bao Gia Trang Vien - The Green Resort - Can Tho also brings memorable moments for employees of Tay Do capital.

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Through the experience of activities and games, the game has helped employees to increase cohesion, promote team understanding, improve team coordination and work towards a common goal. All members participated enthusiastically, completed the task, trying to win in accordance with the spirit of Simon Vietnam "Work hard, play hard".

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In particular, the team of new and young employees with dynamism, creativity and passion is the "new wind" that brings many differences and positive energy to Simon Vietnam. Joining Teambuilding is an opportunity for new "warriors" to meet and better understand the corporate culture. Brothers and sisters from different departments exchange and talk to better understand each other's work, thereby having better support and coordination in working at the organization.

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Always enthusiastic, passionate in work will help each member complete their tasks well. Excellent individual, development team, strong company. That is also the message that Teambuilding Simon Vietnam wants to send.

Burning enthusiasm - Burning passion!