Quote Simon socket switch 2021

With more than 100 years of establishment and development, Simon focuses on building Research and Innovation Centers around the world to bring high quality socket switch products, modern designs, multi-function form.  

The source of raw materials and main components of Simon socket switches are imported directly from famous brands in Germany, giving customers peace of mind about quality. At the same time, the product integrates user protection through the special design of the socket hole screen and the contact system to ensure safety during use. From the color to the material of the Simon brand socket switches, all are inspired by nature. Therefore, Simon gives the space a breath of freedom, peace and friendliness. 


Besides the traditional socket switch products, Simon also launched a line of smart socket switches that bring luxury, class and above all a comfortable and relaxed life. With just one smartphone, customers can build many lighting scenarios according to their preferences and living habits, control the entire electrical system in the house anytime, anywhere with just one touch.

banner simon i7 smart

The value of Simon socket switches not only lies in the quality but also stands out with its sophisticated design and modern design, in line with the design trends of each period. Taking minimalism as the main style, Simon's products are light but no less fashionable, so that each product is not only an ordinary electrical device, but also a decorative item, bringing life to each person. space, highlighting the luxury and class for each house. 

Despite choosing a minimalist style, the researchers at Simon always aim to integrate many features on the same switch product to bring customers convenience and savings. The combination of sockets with switches, sockets with USB connectors... all help homeowners limit the installation of many electrical devices at the same time, saving maximum costs.  

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