Aptomat Simon

Contributing to ensuring electrical safety

Product Line Aptomat 65C Simon's fast power protection, effective arc extinguishing, with unique solenoid coil design and moving contact can break 6000A current quickly, triggering protection instantly time.

Interrupt capacity ICs = 6000A. High impact resistance, quick power off. Depending on your needs, you can choose Aptomat with cutting current (MCB) from 1P - 4P or Aptomat with anti-shock (RCBO) 2P - 4P.

type of aptomatsimon aptomatAptomat 1Aptomat 2

Aptomat Simon 65C is applied with a new modular integration solution: integrating the electric leakage protection module with the overload protection module. This integrated solution makes the switchgear more compact, saving a lot more installation space.

Aptomat 3The product meets the application needs in many different cases with operating temperatures from: -5~40°C.hot-do-hoat-dong

Save space, keep benefits

Let's take an apartment as an example, for a normal product line we need to use a regular 20 module electrical cabinet, but with Simon's Aptomat 65C series, just a 9 module electrical panel- module, so we can save 50% space while keeping the same functionality.