Introduction of switch – socket Simon

Born in 1916 in Spain, up to now, Simon has been present in more than 90 countries around the world. Socket Simon not only carries a sophisticated design typical of European style but also because of the technological innovations that Simon brings. The product not only stops at the basic features of on - off, repeated unconsciously every day, but is integrated with many digital and automated functions to help children's daily life. people become more comfortable and happier.

Switches – Simon sockets bring many outstanding advantages

  • Sophisticated design: Enhance aesthetics, connect space, arouse emotions and enhance life.
  • Convenient: Quick installation, easy to use, smart features.
  • High quality materials: The main materials constituting the product are imported from reputable suppliers in Europe to ensure safety, durability and comfort when used.
  • Enduring: Under standard conditions the switch product has a durability of 50,000 times on and off, and the socket product has a durability of 40,000 times.
  • Safe: The Simon socket has a built-in child-safety feature, the socket hole cover will only open when impacted simultaneously from both sides (2 plugs).

Simon switches all have silver-plated contacts to ensure minimal ignition when in use.

simon socket switch

Image: Simon's sockets and switches are safe for children

Switches - Simon sockets to choose from

Meeting the diverse aesthetic needs of customers as well as suitable for different interior spaces, Simon is constantly researching and creating to diversify product designs, bringing many options to customers:

Choice of square or rectangular: The square face product lines such as S6, i7, V8, E5 ... have European style, luxurious design, synchronous design, suitable for large construction projects . Rectangular product lines such as 51A, 52… are designed in a modular form (a complete set of equipment made up of a frame and functional modules) to meet the diverse needs of households and businesses. small builder.


Picture: Simon Switch S6

You can also choose the Switch – Socket face with border or overflow, matte or glossy paint. In particular, Simon's Switch - Socket is also diverse because it has many color and material options, from simple colors such as white, black to unique and creative colors such as gray, champagne, clear white...; From familiar materials such as PC plastic to luxurious and high-class materials such as glass, wood, stone, metal, gold...

S6 5

Depending on your needs, you can choose Switch - Traditional On-Off Socket (Mechanical Switch) or Smart Switch (Remote Control Switch), Simon has researched and brought the following features: most user-friendly.

Switches – Sockets Simon will definitely provide customers with the best solution, suitable for high-end apartments, villas, luxury hotels…